The real back story behind: Frankenstein

How he was created and how he arrived at Hotel Transylvania

Image by sethJreid from Pixabay

O wrench; thou aren’t the monster; thou are the Adam of his master’s labor

Victor Frankenstein, plunged into the depths of loneliness and depression after the death of his beloved wife Mary Shelley; he isolated himself from the world; he was desperate for a companion; he wanted his wife back but first he’ll experiment by awakening the dead!

Victor Frankenstein; on a misty, chilly, frosty night in 1816;crafted you from scratch

obsessed with awakening the dead; he awakened a Zombie Monster — The Thing; we often confuse with Frankenstein

Is Frankenstein the monster or the monster is the scientist?

The walking dead awakens; twenty foot tall, with mossy, crippled skin, all nuts and screws in place but one

to hold a giant monster in captivity, he needs to be dumb, thought the mad scientist!

to achieve the epitome of success; Frankenstein experimented first on his pet dog, Richard

O poor Richard; could not stand the Rat trial; he gave up his life for the Demon — I’m not talking about the Ogre; Frankenstein is still the monster of this story

Now you see why people confuse the monster with the scientist; Victor Frankenstein was the real monster!

He regretted his decision soon after he awakened the walking dead; the walking dead has no soul; a lobotomy performed did not screw back the loose nut

or so thought Frankenstein!

The story ends and the Devil, takes the life of his Master in his hands!

He asks him one last question before the deed: “Why did you awaken me from the dead”?

Frankenstein said he wanted only his wife back, he was just an experiment

The Thing was angry and screamed: “ I’ve no heart, no soul, I’m the walking dead, you selfish human!”

Frankenstein said but O I do have regrets!

The Thing said he will only let him go if he promised not to awaken his dead wife, to this the Doctor said: “Never will I do as you say, I created you, I’ll awaken her as I please and when I do you’ll be history. I’m your master, you’re my slave, for eternity”

The Ogre pounded and his eyes were blood shot red!

Frankenstein begged for his life but he knew it was futile , he now knew, he was no God, he was at the mercy of his own creation!

He underestimated the Shrek’s intelligence; you see the Thing had no heart or soul but he still knew what was right thing to do; who’s the monster here? The Scientist or the the Thing?

Now the fiend said to his master: “I’ll steal thy name and thy identity. I’ll be known as Frankenstein! You’ll be known as the mad, obsessed scientist who created me! But remember you’re no God; you put no heart, no soul in me! I’ll not let you awaken the dead again. You’ve no compassion, no heart, no mercy. Thy wife shall rest in peace!”

Some stories have an ending; this story has a new beginning for Frankenstein; the Thing

Frankenstein begged God to show him light and put a soul in his gigantic, green body, so he can survive this brutal world; he was against suicide, you see!

Then a light so bright shone from Frankenstein’s chest; Frankenstein fell to the floor; when he woke up his skin was sky blue; he was lifted up to the heavens; a heart was placed; a soul transcended!

Frankenstein, later found the Doctor’s research journal and screwed tight all the bolts; he even put the missing nut back, that drove him crazy in the head

One day a bat flew in from his open window and heard his sobs; he was complaining to the air how the Townspeople had fire goblets and pitchforks ready to burn him alive and stake his heart but he had changed, he wanted to be good, do good, he wanted no harm, all he wanted was to help; all he had ever wanted was to be accepted; he wanted to be a baker but they were baking him instead! He sobbed and he sobbed into the cold, chilly, full moon night!

The bat couldn’t take the sobbing anymore; he transformed and there he was standing tall; Count Dracula; in all his magnificient glory; his fangs glistering in the white moonlight; his red cape flying with the wind; his transparent skin, animated!

he invited Frankenstein to the hotel exclusively built for monsters — Hotel Transylvania

he reassured him there were others like him; it was a hotel for Misfits; they fit in easily with love and acceptance, that was the only one condition!

he packed up his limbs and parceled parts of his body in a steam engine train and travelled to a far away land; Romania; Hotel Transylvania was hidden behind the clouds; Dracula guided him the way

there he reassembled his body parts; in Transylvania’s Ikeas store; he found all the right nuts and bolts, again

Count Dracula welcomed and greeted him with monster slime juice and leech leas; and in the lobby he saw her — his future wife to be; Mrs. Frankenstein — created by another mad scientist!

they locked eyes, the rest is history; you can see how the story unfolds for yourself; Hotel Transylvania is where the rest of the story is told!

Frankenstein is in a happy place now; in a place of misfits, perfectly fit, happy to be weird and still be himself!

Be weird, be You! You’re perfect in a misfit world! Find your people, find your groove. Peace out!

© Dazzling Shene 2021

Thank you for reading my poetry :)



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