Where is my peace?

Let’s find the purpose of our existence

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

I went with the flow of the rivers

walked on oceans

tiptoed the way up the springs

falling back on glossy rainbow pebbles

and travelled far and for O so long

I look up the baby pink crystal skies

and ponder

where is my peace lost?

I am on the quest to search for it

come join me

I search high and low

I topsy turvy my reality

I tried to stop the cascading waterfalls

from springing up my tear ducts

where is my peace?

I ask the skies

answer me?

I bequeath it to the sun and the moon

no answer yet

where is my peace?

I ask the five elements of nature to help me

Earth, water, fire, air, and space

still no answer

maybe I should ask Captain Planet

after all, he is a hero

I call to your five elements

earth, fire, wind, water, and heart

still no answer

in extreme trepidation I question my purpose of existence

answer me

maybe I should ask my mind


let me not think and seek the help of science instead

but wasn’t Darwin’s theory of evolution disproved?

So, who are we?

if not evolved from apes, definitely not fungi

maybe it all started with a Big Bang

but who caused the universe to explode

who controls the big bang

who controls the black hole

if I’m all powerful

why can’t I travel with the speed of light

and escape it

why am I trapped in this body?

Wait! who holds the stars and moon in its place

who makes the planets revolve

why are we still alive after every thing we do to each other

and after how we serve the earth

who is protecting us?

maybe it's my guardian angel

Wait! Who created my guardian angel

I came from my mother’s womb

Wait! who nurtured me and protected me

and made me grow from a zygote to an embryo

didn’t I resemble a leech

and looked so tiny

and then I grew limbs

I played and moved and kicked my mom, still in the womb

but still she loved me

I love her too

Wait! who is protecting and nurturing my mother

what is this strange mother and child bond

You love your child like no one else, why

who put this love in your heart


No answers

Scientology failed you

Astrology failed you

Atheism failed you

Spirituality failed you

all religions failed you

where is your peace lurking?

maybe music is the answer

I listen to Bohemian Rhapsody of the Queen

what do I find

Bismillah Bismillah Bismillah

means ‘In the name of Allah — we invite and welcome the blessings and help of Allah’

I prostate and in that moment

I truly find my peace, I find my bliss

Where is my peace you ask

with Allah-’AR Rahman, AR Rahim’-the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

my answers, my peace, my purpose, my truth


I’m no longer lost

in Sujud-prostration did I find my purpose, my existence

my soul calmed down, washing off black tar with clear fresh spring waters

my purpose-to serve humanity with kindness

my peace- in understanding my purpose

© Dazzling Shene 2021.

Hi, this is my peace. May you all find your peace :)



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Dazzling Shene

Dazzling Shene


A dreamer, a believer, a visionary, serpenting my way through the whirlwinds of life. Here to Razzle and bedazzle You~2 X Top writer in Poetry