Why successful people are successful?

How do some people achieve so much in their life? Why how on earth are they so successful?

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So, I was watching this interview of Jennifer Lopez where she revealed her success mantra. Do you want to know?

Hint... Hint... It's nothing new you haven't heard!

So, the success mantra of Jennifer’s success is that she works extra hard. She says when others are done with their hard work and are off to sleep, she is still working.

Be honest, you secretly were thinking that you have found some secret hack, no?

I believe that yes; you need to work hard for success, but I am a strong believer in the luck factor as well.

I am not saying that all you need is luck, but if the universe does not want you to achieve something, then you won’t. That is my belief.

Pick up any successful person (fame or no fame), there will definitely be a long, hardworking path which they traveled to reach this position. So all of us know that the recipe of success is — passion, hard work, consistency, patience. We all have the recipe but why only a few are successful?

What does success mean to you?

Thinking about it, I realized that not everybody has the same definition of success.

Being successful is not just limited to monetary pleasures. You are also considered successful if you have a good, happy family. Being in a good romantic relationship is also considered a success. Living a healthy life is also a success.

My definition of success is having EVERYTHING. I know, it sounds a bit too ambitious and unrealistic. But I do want a good financial stance, healthy relationships with family and friends, an amazing life partner, a life full of travel, and healthy life. And I am willing to work for it.

When it comes to success it is up to you where you draw the line.

How much work success needs?

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Some people achieve success overnight, some people work hard for years, to some, it is passed down from family. But one thing is common to all. They need to continue to function in order to retain that success.

People run around to find how to become successful but only a few wonder how much work needs to be done after achieving success.

Yes, success is costly. It requires your full attention and dedication. It takes up your body and soul.

And there you go. That is the real success mantra. Success comes and retains to those who know after-the-process, who work extra hard even after achieving all they wanted.

All the famous successful people — Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Jennifer Lopez, Mukesh Ambani have one thing in common. They continue to work on their craft and achieve something new.

Elon Musk could have stopped at Tesla, Jeff Bezos continues to explore technology and grow Amazon, given the huge fan base, J. Lo can give up on the rigorous diet and exercise she follows and Mukesh Ambani didn’t have any reason to work hard, run on losses and bring J. Lo to India.

What are your thoughts on success? Does being successful mean everything to you?



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