A Tiny Love Poem a Day

Holly Lyn Walrath
Feb 11, 2019 · 3 min read

Love compressed onto post-its

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A tiny love poem (images copyright Holly Lyn Walrath)

alentine’s day is coming and I’ve decided to post one tiny love poem a day every day in February. I have a confession to make: I hate Valentine’s Day. In fact, I hate most love poems. It’s not that I don’t believe in love, it’s that I don’t believe in the way we treat love — like it has to be some perfect thing that comes wrapped in a bow. There’s something satisfying about trying to fit an aspect of this big concept “love” onto a teeny post-it.

Most of these poems will likely be weird, strange, and speculative because I feel like that captures how love really is — dark, hard, complicated, and a bit bizarre. I’ll update this page as the month goes on but feel free to follow along on my Instagram too.

Day 1:

I think you
me forget who I am
forget flaws
forget my claws
forget me raw

Day 2:

You said “I’m on
your side, girl.”
And we built us a
not to keep them out
but to keep us in

Day 3:

Your hands are
I know they can’t be
burned by my

Day 4:

I’m broken
like promises
but you keep me
like commandments

Day 5:

If the world ends
we’ll be glad we had
My lil’ apocalypse

Day 6:

Promise me, when
I’m gone
You’ll go on
drowning in that
sea of flames

Day 7:

I stood one one
and you on the other
and we both
screamed for
missing each other

Day 8:

I don’t know the
language for
our love
but I’m learning
to say “I love you”

Day 9:

Your body is a
I don’t know
where to sleep

Day 10:

Love isn’t pretty.
It’s guts and
bone and stones
in your mouth.
Love is ugly.

Day 11:

Look, at the
end of the day,
we’re all
and lovely.

Day 12:

You said, “I don’t
think I can do
this anymore,”
while your hands
held me down
and I shivered.

Day 13:

without you

Day 14:

It’s just another
I get to miss your

Day 15:

I just wanted
to see you
So I dreamt you
into a ghost life
but it wasn’t
the same

Day 16:

You were sleepy
so I tucked you
up in my mouth
and kept you
safe from words

Day 17:

I wouldn’t know
what to do without
you in my life
so I keep pretending
I’m immortal

Day 18:

I love picking
thru your embers,
ruins and skin
I love finding
you in the mess.

Day 19:

Fuck it
let’s get
busy, monster
lips 💋

Day 20:

How I need you
under my skin,
how we hold
up the stars

Day 21:

We found this
place between
stars, just you
and me and the
fucking glorious

Day 22:

I can’t forget
how your skin
scales like sonnets
horns like comets

Day 23:

I’ve got you
and pain
My two universes
I’m dreaming in one
and screaming
in the other

Day 24:

What we call
are just vessels
for love
and love is a

Day 25:

I love to let you
get your teeth
in me
I love to curl up
beside you & purr

Day 26:

I wanted to hold
onto you a little
bit longer
so I chained your
bones to mine
a little at a time

Day 27:

Let’s be ghosts
so we can
wander the stars

Day 28:

If we only had
one more day
I’d wish for
the solstice —
the space between
earth and heaven

Thanks for reading along with my February tiny-poem-a-day challenge. The hardest part about writing such a small poem is realizing that the story is in the details. Love isn’t these big grand gestures. It’s not always pretty or perfect. It’s the tiny things that get you through the day.

Write Wild

On Writing, Books, Reading, and All Things Literary

Holly Lyn Walrath

Written by

I'm a writer, editor, and poet. Find me online at www.hlwalrath.com.

Write Wild

On Writing, Books, Reading, and All Things Literary

Holly Lyn Walrath

Written by

I'm a writer, editor, and poet. Find me online at www.hlwalrath.com.

Write Wild

On Writing, Books, Reading, and All Things Literary

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