Instapoems from My New Chapbook

Excerpts from Numinose Lapidi, out now from Kipple Press in Italian

Holly Lyn Walrath
Jan 19, 2020 · 2 min read
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Cover art for Numinose Lapidi

I am sharing excerpts from my new poetry chapbook over on my Instagram page, so I thought I would combine them here for easy reading. I will update this as new translations come in! My new chapbook is called Numinose Lapidi and it will be published soon by Kipple Press. You can read about it over at this article:

From “Stop Putting a Name to Everything, Stop Trying”

Blood begets blood
and you can’t capture
things that are too soft to behold

From “Thunder Walks the Earth”

You have discovered a planet inside yourself
And there are tiny people living there
Without the demands of higher beings
You wish you were smaller, more human

From “Dark Shapes Move in the Morning Before Dawn”

They are gentle when they speak to us
It is by their beating hearts worn on the outside
We want to touch these waxy hearts to know
They are like us but they are not human

They are like us but they are not human
How do we know this? How can we tell?
It is by their beating hearts worn on the outside
We would never reveal so much in one go

From “We’re Refugees Who Found Love Searching for Atlantis”

The ocean is a vessel cast in the heat of the stars
We walked there in the twilight and sang skysongs
Our bodies were translucent and full of darkness
How we carried our homeland in our bones

From “A Graveyard for Fairytales”

The dark forest is disillusioned and laid bare
A princess crawls among the flowers and grenades
But this is the ruthless dream of a frightened child
Who hangs upside down from the barrel of a cannon

From “Parkinson’s is a Kind of Armageddon”

Words are painful
They form into stones in his mouth
So I don’t know what to say
How do you say I’m sorry to a ghost

From “One Kind of Love is Another Kind of Hate”

The opposite of nothing is something
You break the bottle over my head and laugh
This is a game I’ve not figured out how to win
You seek me when I hide in the woods

From “Prayer for October”

All the bonfires will burn

and the air will smell like you

and the underworld

From “How to Make a Man Out of Sackcloth and Twine”

The wilderness
is a vessel for magic,
nothing more,
nothing less

Thanks for reading! If you love my poems, you can follow me on Instagram to read more. Numinose Lapidi is available in Italian from Kipple Press.

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On Writing, Books, Reading, and All Things Literary

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