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How do you Write Wild? It’s about throwing rules out the window, embracing the weird, and writing from the heart. Here are some of our favorite stories this month. Thanks for following us!

Submitting Short Fiction

Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Genre Edition

If you want to make a successful career as an author of genre fiction, one of the best places to start is the short story. As Neil Gaiman says, “Short stories are wonderful places because you can go out and around the universe and still be back by teatime — at least by teatime on Friday.” Many bestselling authors got their start writing short fiction and publishing in magazines . . . Read more

A Tiny Love Poem a Day

Love compressed onto post-its

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Last year I made an Instagram challenge for myself to write one tiny love poem a day . . . on post-its! This was a fun series and this article is still getting a lot of love. ❤ Read it here . . .

A Haiku Love Poem a Day

A February Poetry Challenge

This year I decided to give my poems a twist and use the haiku form. However, you may have noticed that my first poem in the series isn’t a strict haiku. Standard haiku form follows the following syllable count: 5/7/5. I love playing with traditional forms and tweaking them. Haiku has come so far from where it began that while I love the classical form, I also acknowledge that it’s a framework, a jumping-off point for inspiration. Read the article here . . .

Ten Ways I’m Learning to Be a Better Writer

Literary/Realism Edition

Here are ten quotes from writers I love — and how I’m using them to improve my writing practice. Read the full article here . . .

Defining Art

What is art, and how do we define a creative legacy?

I have always been captivated by artists who died in obscurity. Perhaps it is a morbid fascination founded in my own fears as an artist. It’s the story of Herman Melville, famous today for Moby Dick, but so unknown in his life that they spelled his name wrong in his obituary. But does being unknown diminish an artist’s value? Read the full article here . . .

Working with a Freelance Editor to Boost Your Writing Career

Writing is hard, but it doesn’t have to be lonely. Working with a freelance editor can boost your career, and it doesn’t have to break your bank either. Read the full article here . . .

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