friday, nov. 27
sf, night

dear Nicole,

just got off the phone after facetiming with the parents. they seem to be doing well, and are excited for us to come back and visit them. dad’s still got a lingering cough, which sucks and hope he gets rid of it soon. LOL also dad told me that you called him at like, 4 am because you were confused by our house. haha. at least it wasn’t 44 degrees and trying to freeze you to death!

was really nice to chat with them a bit. full of great dad-isms, as per usual—he told me he was eating a lot of “ginger people” which i interpreted to be gingerbread men cookies, but turned out it was these ginger chews from trader joe’s (“ginger people” was the brand… mom put a picture in slack and the logo is TERRIFYING, it is literally a giant humanoid ginger eating..itself???) and then he was telling me how he’s annoyed that everyone in the media and business world is obsessed with “millennials” and keeps writing articles and talking about them, how it’s always millennials this or millennials that. which i thought was hilarious. then he asked me if I was a millennial. and joked that since he lived past the year 2000, he too has crossed the millennial threshold. mom and i told him this was not how it works.

wow your thanksgiving feast sounds AMAZING. two dinners, impressive. oh and yes, glad spotlight was awesome!! that scene where they do DATA JOURNALISM and go down the church books with rules and enter data into spreadsheets is so well done and simple and badass. awesome to hear it was so inspiring—a feel i know well. you have arguably better role models than a bunch of harvard douches tho. some people at called that the “scott klein” scene of data journalism, haha. ANYWAYS i am going to drag j to see that with me tomorrow.

OH MAN JJ IS GETTING ~INTENSE~. are you done with s1? no spoilers but SIMPSON THO???? sus from the start.

oh and i got you a present today while j was doing some non-black friday shopping at a try-hard, full price hipster store. think you’ll like it. did you get my email hint? WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE. we also drove to muir woods this afternoon, but by the time we got there it was closed. and then patty also got sick (maybe carsick from the windy roads, or food poisoning, not sure), but sucks she feels crappy on her last night here, felt bad :( been really nice having her here, harnessing her wisdom around the kitchen and it’s inspired us to cook like every day this week, which has been really nice.

okay, bedtime now. reading this book about the alliance between IBM and the nazis and it is some REAL SHIT.

miss ya!



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