saturday, nov. 28
sf, midnight

dear Nicole,

love how the most reliable form of communication between us now has become these letters. “Facetime me,” a cry for attention buried in your handwritten letter, pierces through the cacophony of emails and texts and internet. JK but was nice ft-ing you and way to SHAME me into it.

watched SPOTLIGHT tonight and i loved every minute of it. made me very nostalgic for journalism and being in a newsroom. am i fucking up working in tech, lacking any higher sense of purpose or civic duty and responsibility?? existential questions abound. the simplicity of the movie’s depictions of the hard reporting, painstaking DATA JOURNALISM, there was something so beautiful about its understated-ness. and the empathy required of such a difficult story like that. gah. very good movie. spent the rest of my evening reading up on spotlight coverage, and Matthew S Carroll’s personal view of being depicted on the silver screen :)

said goodbye to j’s mom today, always sucks to say goodbye to loved ones. think she had a good visit though. spent some time catching up on some work in a coffee shop this afternoon, trying to ease out of the holiday posture.

i’ve also discovered a new hobby—browsing houses i’ll never be able to afford on trulia. i am truly dad’s daughter.

excited for your ~~DaTe~~ on monday! deep winky face.

miss ya,

❤ k

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