Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dear katie,

A little bit tipsy (but in a better mood). I don’t know. Today was just one of those days that start out fine, but somehow you find ways to make them awful. You let some things get to you more than you should or you’re too harsh on yourself for not doing more. We talked already about some of my frustations and your feedback helped a lot. It’s times like these that I really enjoy and appreciate having an older, wiser sister. Seriously, it helped a lot. And I took your advice and went for a quick 20-min run and felt much better (a better outlet for stress than my default) and then I went to a friend’s place to watch Love Actually (and drinking every time someone wore a turtleneck or made some sort of heartfelt speech).

It was just nice to take my mind off things and just act like a college senior, sipping $3 white wine and watching a bunch of famous British actors make grand romantic gestures in the name of Christmas (seriously, who decided that December, not February, was the month for romance?). So many people wear turtlenecks in this movie. I guess this was 2003 and that was okay. So many famous people in it: Davy Jones, Keira Knightley, guy from 12 Years a Slave, Bilbo Baggins, Walking Dead guy, Betty Draper, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson, Snape, Mr. Bean, Game of Thrones dude, etc. Ugh I somehow ended up making today really shitty and it was good to just take a break from “being productive” and enjoy the simple pleasures in life: watching a cheesy British rom-com while inebriated.

I don’t even know how today got so dark. I feel like I do it to myself a lot of the times. Magnifying things and making things seem more dramatic and personal than they actually are. I was also doing a lot of reading on Laquan McDonald and white privilege, so may also be responsible for the dark tun.

But on the bright side, I asked that guy out on another date (we’re grabbing drinks and seeing Creed this weekend), so feeling less dismal.

Missing you and your wisdomness (oh my god — wisdom),


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