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Why Create Core Values for Your Startup? The Answer & How to Do It!

Types of content that detail aspects of your business all have a different purpose. A tagline tells employees and customers what you stand for or what you want them to do (Think Different, Just Do It), a mission statement explains your goal as a business and why you exist, and your core values show what your business believes in and prioritizes.




Write Your Startup is a community of entrepreneurs and marketers with the single focus of building a business with compelling content. Regardless of your skill and experience level, we welcome you to this community to learn, network, and grow.

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Michael Luchies

Michael Luchies

Entrepreneur, Writer, Sports Fan and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. TrepRep Founder, TEDx Alum, Bethereum, Entrepreneur Mag, Scorum, and Steemit Contributor

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