The Drifting Mind of a Writer

A day in the life

Photo by Seth Macey on Unsplash

Is this how it goes for you?

I woke up on a weekend morning to my daughter turning on my light before I was ready. It hurt but I was so ready for the sweet kisses that came after. The way her hairs smelled of her. Simply her. The best thing in the world.

And then comes my boy, bigger but just as happy. And loud. He squished Tato (dad), and stick his knee in my bladder. I groaned but kissed him.

These moments are the best. Then I thought, like I tend to do, that I should write this down.

My mind always drifts to writing.

But actually doing it is another story.

All Work and No Play?

I went to work today for a bit to finished up some things that loaded up from the week. I’ve started a new job; my first 9–5 one, and I love it.

That’s not what writers are supposed to say, write?

But I do!

It feels good to contribute, and I enjoy finding people to come and work for the great company I do.

And yet, my mind drifted to writing.

It thought about clocking out and sitting in Medium for a while, saying hello to online friends and sending out some claps.

Yet, I didn’t. I went home to kiss the kids since they were waiting.

Needed to Say

And then motherhood took over. Kids are not perfect and some lessons had to be taught, timeouts given. And no writing done.

Yet I thought about my book. The story and characters waiting to breathe. the many articles I want to write.

And about the people I need to thank.


So many of you have tagged me lately (psst Robin Klammer) and it’s been the best! Seeing my name in your amazing story brightened my days and made me feel like a real writer.

My mind drifted to you.

Thank you. All of you.

About writing these to words to you now. You’ve been on my mind. And about how I need to get started on those challenges you gave.

Chores to Spend the Day

And even when household chores took over, I listened to podcasts about writing: The Story Grid, Book Launch Show, and ProBlogger, ironically one of which was about procrastination and fear with writing.

Because that is what I have been doing. Procrastinating. Being afraid to write a single word.

So when my mind keeps drifting to thoughts of writing, I must keep on with the other important things in life: kids, work, chores. Excuses? Maybe some yes and some not.

But then when it all those things are said and done, I lose my breath at the thought that I can finally sit down and pour out words out. I can’t do it.

I’ve been too afraid. Afraid to fail. To succeed. To be the C word — consistent.

But, I did it.

The Write Way

Sure, I’m cheating by typing this out on my phone, my thumbs typing away as my daughter chews white rice, but it’s working.

Are my words perfect?


But that’s writing. That’s life.

Let’s be imperfect together. Let’s let our minds drift to writing but actually help each other sit down and write. Because this is the life of a writer.

Beautiful. Messy. Scary. Yet amazing.

And know that if you’ve been drifting like me, don’t worry, you can get writing like I am now too.

You’ve got this.