What no one tells you about Millennial Motherhood

Ever thought about how you’re raising your children in the digital age? Millennial motherhood is not far behind in the fast-paced of parenting. While it’s hard to believe that millennial moms are more prone to look for answers online than other generation moms, they’re the most caring groups. Is caring too much actually a bad thing?

Millennial moms care a whole lot

That’s how experts in parenting portray millennial mothers. The difference between what mothers once thought was ideal parenting is not the norm now. Millennial moms cruise through motherhood in a digital era that has answers at their fingertips. Why wouldn’t motherhood be easier, faster, and comfortable? Of course, they seek answers because they care about the well-being of their children. From buying organic foods to all natural clothing, you might wish you were raised in a conscious home.

Around-the-clock healthcare and education

With more 24/7 clinics, emergency hotlines, and online medical assistance, taking care of unexpected illnesses in children is easier than ever. Besides having online advice, millennial moms also approach education for their children in a much different way. With tablets and phones, children learn at a much faster rate. Regardless of educational games, digital media becomes part of their lives every day. Even preschoolers already know their ABCs, counting, and shockingly learn how to speak another language.

Online advice that never ends

Millennial moms make use of valuable apps to gather the sweetest lullaby, shop for the cutest outfits, and arrange for a playdate. Sharing is caring. Millennial moms share photographs of their babies and children more often than any other mom group. What is not to like when moms share the cuteness of their children? They’re proud and want to show it.

Digital millennial scrapbooking

Aside from sharing cute family pictures on social media, millennial moms are already thinking about using them as scrapbooking material. Now, you didn’t get that from previous generations.

Debt crisis but with lots of love

Why wait to have kids after college? Well, for millennial moms is a better alternative. With insurmountable student loans, they wait longer to marry and have children. While debt creeps into the reality of many households, it is even more devastating for millennial moms trying to raise their children in a fast-paced world economy. Likewise, though they earn less and carry plenty of debt, millennial mothers drench their hearts with love for their children.

While millennial moms consider the digital age as an advantage for parenting, they are apt to care more for their children. In an ever-evolving technological world, parenting is effortless and comfortable. So, why not help motherhood with a little bit of technology?