Driving In the Car Without the Radio On

Do you only listen to one station?

When it comes time to stand up and move forward will you be ready? Will you be willing — and most importantly, will you be excited — to step forward into a reality that is very different than your current daily life? What holds you back from making the step immediately? What uncertainty blocks your path?

You can look before you leap. Stay still and just look. Look past all the hurdles, through all the fears; look deeply and see what is past that glass door. The glass may be fogged so mentally wipe it dry and look through it.

Look through it and beyond it. See the reality that awaits your focus and attention.

All dimensions are right here. There are many, many dimensions all occupying the same space. We see only one but there are multiple dimensional realities all going on simultaneously with ours and they are going on right in the very same space we occupy.

We tune into those other frequencies by changing our vibratory frequency to match the vibratory frequency of that dimension we want to visit. It is like turning a radio dial.

We are stuck on one channel and are afraid to turn the channel. We do not know what kind of music another channel might be playing and we are afraid of leaving the same mix we have been listening to day after day after unending day.

The music on some other channel might be utterly divine but we cannot know this until we dare change the channel to give it a try. We cannot find the radio station of our dreams without moving the dial.

Imagine being the dial: Would you want to be stuck on the same station for decades? Imagine being the dial and never moving. Imagine being the music and never being heard. Imagine being paradise and never being visited. Imagine driving in the car and never having the radio on.

The reality we seek is going on right this very minute in the very same space we are living in now. We just are not aware of it because we are listening to another station.

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