Spiritual Evolutionary Imperative

Consciousness becoming aware of itself….

When the overall vibration of the human collective mind increases beyond a certain frequency, change happens at an accelerated pace. That which is of the lower vibration will drop away. That which matches the new vibration is empowered. The human collective mind cannot change vibration, however, until a critical mass of humans first change their individual vibrations. To do this, those individuals must observe and release the conditioned thinking that binds them to the old status quo vibration. There is a collective mind, a collective ego, and collective emotions. There is also a collective pain-body. We cannot still our own mind and dis-identify with our own ego and emotions if we are still tuned in and resonating with the collective. 
A law of vibration states that we tend to vibrate at near the same frequency of our environment. Our planet vibrates within a certain spectrum of frequency and all life upon the planet vibrates within that same spectrum. If you cannot vibrate at or near the same frequency as your environment you cease to exist in that environment. We try to raise the frequency of our environment through our actions and our thoughts but if those actions and thoughts are directed at the environment they will only reinforce the existing frequency. The only way to change the outer environment is to change our inner environment — the environment beneath our thoughts and emotions and egoic mind. It is from that space of stillness that we can open up to that consciousness flowing through us from our Source. By surrendering all resistance to that flow we can allow it to uplift our vibrations as it moves through us. Then, as our vibrations increase, we magnetize an outward reality that matches that. 
We try to bring the old environment, the old reality, with us into a new frequency but we cannot do that. The old environment, the old reality, vibrates at a certain level and can only hold us back at that level. We’ve got to stop trying to change the old reality. The old reality is what it is. You cannot change it; you can only create a new reality. And that involves removing one’s attention, energy, emotions, thoughts, and focus from the old reality. We can still observe the old reality and move about through it but it is the attention, energy, emotions, thoughts, and focus that keeps us vibrationally bound to that reality. As an observer in a state of presence, we can start seeing how strongly we are connected to the collective ego, collective mind, and collective pain-body. Seeing that connection, we become aware that we have a choice of disconnecting from it and creating a new reality. Many are afraid of disconnecting from the collective. It is part of the big separation issues humankind has. That fear keeps vibratory increases moving at a snail’s pace. We still haven’t gotten over being separated from our Source and now we have to separate from the collective? What about one-ness? 
We are not separating from one-ness (that’s impossible). We are merely separating from one vibratory frequency and opening up to another. We are merely expanding our awareness to include more of one-ness. We are consciousness becoming aware of itself. This is the individuation process that has been taking us through the octaves of vibratory frequency in our process of spiritual evolution.

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