Touching Our Grandness

Understanding and getting un-stuck from limitation

There can never be a spirit that does not eventually walk through the hologram. We created the hologram for our own purposes. Once set about, our intentions must be carried out and we have been doing so for many millennia.

There is much to learn from any planet, but earth is the crown jewel of the universe. It is the one place everyone just has to experience.

We have created the ultimate paradise. We have only to realize it. We have yet to see the omnipresent joy permeating everything. We have not yet felt the beauty inherent in everything. We have not yet loved our creation.

We have not yet touched our grandness, though we are starting to get a taste. We have not yet surrendered our illusions and we have not yet looked our divinity in the eye.

Our power to create is so incredibly limitless. It is as easy as drawing a picture. It is as easy as feeling. It is as easy as allowing. It is so easy yet we spend lifetimes learning. We search everywhere for the answers. We go from teacher to teacher and we read a million books. All the answers are within, though.

We pretend that we do not know that we are gods. It is a fun game that allows us to go through the adventure of remembering that we are gods. It allows us to see what things are like from a perspective of limitedness. If you are an unlimited god who wants to experience limitedness you are going to have to forget that you are unlimited. And then you are going to have to create a whole bunch of limitations and then you are going to have to go through all those limitations.

When you are unlimited you cannot see what it is like to be limited. And while you are limited you cannot see what it is like to be unlimited. As gods, we are approaching a point where we will have experienced both, and we will take that combination of experience and create out of it a new dynamic to play in.


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This piece is excerpted from my book, Awakening to a Different World

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