A pendulum blabbering….

Not until the light diminishes
do we try to bring it back.

Not until the love fades
do we try to rekindle it.

In the darkness of the solstice,
in the celebration of Christmas….

We try to reignite the fires
we ignored throughout the year.

We ask for forgiveness
as we try to right the ship.

As the days start getting longer again
we stretch our hopes and desires.

Perhaps the new year will be
the one we have been waiting for.

We hope and pray and dream.
We acknowledge our weaknesses.

The holiday treadmills show us
how things have not changed.

And they offer us hope
of jumping off….

But it takes more than a holiday.
It takes more than being reminded.

We must embrace the unconditional love
we felt as a child.

We must embrace the magic
we innocently believed in.

Sitting in the lap of Santa Claus
we must be unafraid to ask….

With the innocence of a child
we must believe….

With the knowing of a sage
we must surrender….

With a smile on our face
we must welcome….

That which we know is true
and allow it to unfold.

The darkness of the holiday solstice
is a window we can open to the coming light.

As the pendulum heads back to zenith
Everything can be changed.

Copyright by White Feather. All Rights Reserved. Thanks for reading and recommending. Public domain photo from Pixabay.

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