Why I Refuse to ‘Buy’ my Twitter and Facebook Followers

I wouldn’t say I’m an angry person, passionate is more of the way I’d describe it. And there are certain things I’m passionate about. One of these, is organic social media.

I get so angry seeing these people that you can buy Twitter followers from. And you can buy Facebook likes, or Instagram followers. But these people don’t actually ‘like’ you or want to ‘follow’ you. Hell they might not even be real people! It’s a sure fire way to spam your account with fake followers.

Why am I so against it you might ask? Well, I’m not going to lie, but I bust a ball with my social media. Like this website? Built it myself. Love my blog posts? Write them myself. Enjoy my Facebook account? I do that myself too. I am the ultimate one-man-band. Maybe that’s my downfall.

In the grand scheme of things, I don’t want a million likes or followers just because. I want to inspire a million likers and followers.

If that isn’t enough, then how about a cautionary tale?

After doing some freelance work, I had a little spare change to use as an experiment. I wasn’t the sort of person to rush into buying followers, likers or anything like that but I was curious to see how it would work. And I thought £20 was an acceptable sum to waste — after all, it wasn’t going to be leaving my account on this freelancing website, so it wasn’t technically my money I was spending.

After recently starting up my Instagram — I thought this would be a good place to start. So I bought 1,000 Instagram followers. I was insistent on using somebody based in the UK, I didn’t want the complications of a language barrier with someone in Pakistan.

Now I did ask him to clarify that this would be a targeted campaign and the followers would be genuine people. He confirmed this saying they were from a community of legitimate accounts that follower each other.

This sounded fair enough, so I was happy to proceed.

And sure to his word, within hours, I was receiving hundreds of followers but when I clicked on their accounts, there was normally only one picture. I checked a few more and a few more. Some of them hadn’t uploaded any pictures. So these weren’t ‘active’ instagrammers, just shell accounts. Great.

I wasn’t happy with the outcome and when I complained to him, he happily offered me another service free of charge. I wasn’t likely to pass that up and used to opportunity to boost by YouTube subscribers.

YouTube was a different story and all of my followers had active accounts which was great, just not the kind of accounts I was looking for. Nothing remotely bookish in sight.


I resigned myself to my own stupidity and thought ‘I can live with this’. That’s when I noticed the YouTube subscriber number start to fall. The subscribers I’d paid for were now unsubscribing from my channel! Hardly fair in the grand scheme of things, considering the seller expressly said that I wouldn’t need to return follows in order to maintain numbers…lies.

So it’s safe to say things aren’t looking too good for my Instagram and YouTube accounts — although this is a good point for me to realise that I wouldn’t be doing the same with my Twitter of Facebook (my main social media accounts).

But what could I do?

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