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Hello, I’m Tee a Writer and Editor of Color

A message from the founder/cofounder of WEOC

My new Medium handle is “Tee, WEOC” formerly Tee, Conscious Creative. While I am still a proud conscious creative, I changed my name to fully commit to Writers and Editors of Color (WEOC)- the organization. As you can see by the subtitle — I have no clue what title to use because I keep thinking this a dream. When I reached out to my cofounder, Allison Gaines it was to connect with other writers of color. WEOC organically formed and was framed around my want and need for a writing community and our love of Black and brown people.

Im returning to writing after 20+ years. I’m a tough country girl with a tinge of Southern sensibility and sass from the Eastern Shores of Maryland toughened, roughed up and smoothed out by the streets of West Philadelphia (like Will Smith — but without the money or prestige) and education from the University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Rosemont College, Princeton Theological Seminary and all the amazing students, parents, colleagues, and administrators from pre-K to alternative and higher education, juvenile justice and prison reintegration programs.

I am a village baby since birth and I do not know how to think of myself without thinking of others — in my family, community or my race. My identity has and will always be connected to the spirit, survival and love of my people and all my intersections as a:

Black woman, mother/matriarch, family member, educator, leader, strategist, consultant, writer, advocate and defender of economic and social justice, peace and joy, fighter, observer, foodie, quasi-boug’ shea butter Earth baby, urban farmer, loves life & almost anything covered in good, dark chocolate…

I use humor as a coping mechanism and my pain medicine. I am annoyingly forgiving, somewhat of a centrist — cautious yet extremely loyal and try to see things from every angle. I’m open to any advice or feedback presented with my best interest in mind and good intention in their heart…

I am creepily discerning — I can feel it before I can see or articulate it... I’ve often felt and predicted many Judas’ moment in my life and every time — it’s bittersweet when I remind people — I told you.

Yet, I am a hard core optimist and believe in the innate goodness of all humans even some despicable, undeserving souls…

Words I live by:

  1. People and things come in your life for a reason, season or a lifetime
  2. When someone show you who they are, believe them, the first time — because they know themselves better than you - Oprah’s twist on Maya Angelou’s quote
  3. A closed mouth doesn’t get fed and a closed hand can’t be filled —
  4. Try not to burn bridges you never know when you’ll need to cross one, again
  5. Try to treat everyone with kindness and respect because you never know who they are, who they may become or who they know… A quiet lady unassuming may be your best advocate or adversary depending on how you treated them.

Me in 3 Pieces — My evolution on Medium

A proud moment bonus

A very special thank you to Allison Gaines and Adrienne Samuels Gibbs for starting this journey with me.

Thank you to all the #WEOC folk — we held our first WEOC Townhall and announced our special projects — we’re starting with profile pages.

You can find my work here and Zora, Momentum, and Cultured, Better Marketing, An Injustice!, POM, Everything Shortform, Illumination

If you’re interested in joining #WEOC’s community of support please leave a comment or private message and we’ll send you a Slack link.

We host weekly meetings on Clubhouse at 12:00 PM EST and bi-monthly recap meetings and now a monthly community check-in meeting.

I would also like to thank Dr Mehmet Yildiz and ILLUMINATION for being one of the first publications to welcome my work and for showing us how to build a publication with a community focus and data driven best practices. I appreciate watching his publication grow and how he modeled exceptional professionalism and helped “illuminate” the communal spirit of Medium’s writers when he faced challenges during the beginning stages of his publication. Thank you Dr Mehmet Yildiz and the great writers on ILLUMINATION and ILLUMINATION-Curated for helping me grow as a writer and now editor.

Writer, Founder WEOC and Editor of Writers and Editors of Color Mag Bylines in Zora, Momentum, An Injustice!, POM, Illumination, The Pink, and Better Marketing

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