Riley, C. (2013) Anarchy, State, or Utopia? Checks and Balances of Power in Internet Governance. Independent

In his article, Anarchy, State, or Utopia? Christopher Riley discusses the internet as we know it, and whether or not censorship has a place within the current structure of the internet. Riley begins by acknowledging the humble origins of the internet as a construct mainly maintained through unspoken rules and status quo. He further analyzes the growth of the internet and how the role of government has come into play in regards to regulation of the internet. Riley states a number of goals which he maintains are what regulation of the internet should strive to accomplish. Finally, Riley establishes that if any sort of internet regulation should be enforced, it must be done so with a governing body that is informed on the issue; a governing body whose judgement is able to contribute to the growth and development of the internet rather than hinder it.