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Hi Jesse,

I am a junior at University of Southern California, and I am in a sorority. As a current member of a sorority, your blog really speaks to me. Most other blogs I have read have turned greek life into something more incredible than it is. Yes, being in the greek system is incredibly rewarding in many ways, but we aren’t some saints. We’re regular 18–22 year olds, and it’s refreshing to hear you treat us as such. Other blogs that I have read (think The Fraternity Advisor) act as though there is nothing that we ever do wrong, and all of our punishments are only set because people are out to get this. This attitude is what perpetuates the disgusting parts of the greek system, and what keeps the greek system in harsh lighting. Your blog, however, is like a good parent. You give positive reinforcement when we do something right, but you understand that a lot of what we do needs improvement, and you aren’t afraid to tell us so. I am currently on the executive board of my sorority, and I think we need more thinkers like you in the greek system. Reading your blog helps me understand why I joined a sorority in the first place. I want to make an impact on my school, and I want to change the way that college kids think. Life, in my opinion, is about experiences, but it is also about being a good person, and helping others. A sorority can do both with the right leaders. I hope that I can be this type of leader for my sorority. Thank you so much for continuing to blog, and know that there are people out there who really value what you have to say.

Hi Patrick,

I am a junior at University of Southern California, and I am a part of a sorority myself. After reading a few of your posts, I decided I couldn’t just sit and read them without letting you know how many current greek life members feel about your opinions on certain matters, and on the way that you treat fraternity brothers. Quite frankly, your posts are abysmal. The fact that you even entertain the idea of helping a brother get his way by screwing over is his other brother is disgusting. Even if it is not the option that you recommend, the idea that you wrote it down and posted on your page is completely irresponsible. Second of all, as an adult that these kids look up to for advice, I really recommend that you actually acknowledge things that kids have done wrong in greek life. At the beginning of one of your posts, you say “ it was terrible, and I don’t want to talk about it,” in reference to hazing. Well guess what Mr. Daley, if these kids are old enough to be doing it, they are certainly old enough to be told exactly how what they did was wrong, not just brush over it. If you don’t tell these kids how terrible it is, than they will never learn, and your oh-so-precious fraternity system will never get better. As a member of the greek system, I am embarrassed that “role models” like you exist. Do better sir. Do more to lead these young men in the right direction.

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