Meet Jules Spector — The 15 Year Old Feminist Blogger

Meet Jules Spector. The author behind the blog who also happens to be just 15 (yes you read that right — 15). She started her blog because she didn’t want “any teenage feminists to feel alone or like they are not supported,” and most importantly because she felt that “it is important for young girls to be exposed to empowerment, and to know that they are supported whole-heartedly.”

The face behind

In her post entitled “Happy International Day of the Girl” Jules talks about when and why she first identified as a strong feminist and starting her blog back in December of 2013. She states her motive behind putting her thoughts out there as a way to speak directly about what in on her mind as a form of personal activism and hopes her blog encourages other young girls to rise above the societal norm to stay quiet and speak up, and out, about issues they care about.

She uses her blog as a way to speak up about topics she encounters in her life and in includes her chronicles as a young, 15 year old, feminist trying to spark change. Her blogs vary from “Ms. Hernie Clanders” which discusses the discrepancies between the way women and men are spoken about in the media talking specifically in term of the current political election to “The Art of Saying Sorry (It Must Be Stopped)” which discusses how and why women apologize for things that beckon no apology.

While Jules may be young and some may not even see her as a “women” quite yet, she sure has a voice that can be seen through her posts and most prominently in her added clauses. For example “I, like other women (I know I’m technically a teenager, but I have a vagina and identify as female, so I’m grouping myself in with the women), also have a problem with undermining what I say.” I don’t know about you but I sure as heck wasn’t blogging about feminism and using sassy phrases claiming myself to be a strong feminist women at 15 so you have got to give this girl (I mean women) some credit!!

Jules usually posts on her blogs once to twice a month depending on what topics arise that she wants to lend her voice and commentary to as well as what she feels will be relevant to her young audience. I would characterize her voice to be very informal as if you’re talking to a friend, however she has a very educated commentary for being such a young female. You can see from her informal set up, the topics she takes on, as well as her response to comments that Jules is very open and welcoming to the participation and additions of her readers. She even states that “the most amazing experiences I’ve had with my blog are the wonderful comments I receive from readers saying that I inspired them to start their own blogs.” This puts it better than I could on how Jules interacts and reacts to comments on her blog and how she envisions her work interacting with others out there.

All in all this girl is 15 and killing it in all aspects (in my eyes anyways). I wish I could be 15 again and doing as much as she is doing now. If you have some time I would highly suggest giving her posts a read and if you happen to have any young female in your life (or happen to be one) do her a favor and pass the word along.