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2 Reasons Why You Better Start Drinking Water with Lemon from Today

Is this just a major publicity stunt, or is the water with lemon a healthy drink?

Lemons and a bottle of lemon water on a wooden background
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Doctors and celebrities emphasize the great benefits of water with lemon. They’re always encouraging everyone to drink this water. Talking about their appearance, health, and good self-esteem, they thank this drink. Is it just the main publicity stunt or a really healthy drink?

If you squeeze a lemon into a glass of water and drink it every day, the body gets a lot of benefits. For example, water with lemon removes fat from the liver, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. It prevents the development of cancer cells and contains about 10–20% of the daily norm of vitamin C.

But all of the above effects are not as strong as the next two.

1) Lemon water slows down aging

Scientists from Japan conducted a study. They took two groups of mice and gave the first one lemon polyphenol. They compared longevity and quality of life with normal mice. The group with lemon had a better gut microbiome and better hair and nail quality.

But the main finding was that they lived three weeks longer than the other mice. There’s a lot to do with vitamin C, but it’s a fact:

  • Water with lemon affects aging, longevity, and quality of life.

2) Water with lemon clears kidney stones

I think everyone has heard about kidney stones, but I hope that most of you have not experienced this problem. As I listened, it was not a very pleasant thing. But let’s look at how lemon water can help.

Most kidney stones are oxalate stones. So citrate, which is in citric acid, does not allow oxalate to set in the kidneys. Many kidney stone sufferers are deficient in citrate.

If you want to avoid the risk of kidney stones, eat less salt and drink lemon juice. A glass a day is an ideal start. Just don’t buy ready-made juice. Store-bought juice is heat-processed and loses vitamin C.

Even lemon water has contraindications

After you have learned why lemon water is good, it will be good to remember its negative qualities. Everything is good in moderation. Still, some people are better to pass this drink due to the organism specifics or chronic diseases.

So, you should discard water with lemon in such cases:

  • You have sensitive teeth,
  • You have hyperacidity,
  • You have inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, etc.),
  • You’re an allergic person who suffers from an individual intolerance to citrus fruits.

If you have a baby or are breastfeeding your child, you should get a detailed consultation with a doctor before drinking lemon water.

In place of a conclusion

Instead of concluding, I’ll add another entertaining benefit of water with lemon.

Scientists have proved that even just the smell of lemon can chase away anxiety and discouragement. And regular consumption of water with lemon will help maintain a great mood 24 hours.

Drink water with lemon, and you will be healthy and happy.

I hope you enjoyed reading this

Andy D

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