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What will 2021 Be Remembered For? When Employees Shocked Their Employers?

Great Resignation

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Nothing has ever laid out employees’ struggles other than the great resignation of 2021. While we were all optimistic about the world going back to “normal,’ there was people who couldn’t keep up with some things of the ‘old normal.’

As 2021 strode in, the year looked promising as more vaccines became accessible. However, in contrast to most employers’ expectations, employees seemed not eager to return to the ‘old normal.’

Despite the intense desire to move back to ‘normal’ before careers and personal life collapsed, most workers were unrelenting to bend to the will of their former masters.

I remember going back to work, and one week later, I had resigned unapologetically. Even my boss couldn’t hardly believe my audacious action.

Tied to leashes of job security and financial stability, he would never have imagined that one day, I would come up and be unwilling to “sit my ass and get the work done.”

I knew I had bills to pay, and my savings were drying up, and God knows my credit card debt was puffing up. But, no, I still resigned.

After going through all the hardships in 2020 and in early 2021, such as losing my side job, a loved one and connections that I deeply cared for, I too was eager to get back to my job.

However, I had forgotten one thing; I hated my job. I only needed to step back to the workplace to be reminded what a hell I have been.

The resilience I had built during the COVID pandemic made me realize that I had strengths that I never knew I had. The veil of waiting for the perfect time to live happily had torn into two.

Peering between the split veil, I could see the tabernacles; I could discern that all that I needed to do was to take a step, a leap of faith and walk towards the life I wanted.

I could no longer be deluded that there would be an ideal time for career transition.

Back in 2020’s struggles, my mental health had spiraled out of control. I had neglected it for years, hoping to work on it once I reached Oprah’s club.

I had convinced myself that most billionaires such as Elon Musk, Steve Job and Jeff Bezos had worked tirelessly, never caring for a work-life balance until they got on Forbes List.

However, to my surprise, after losing a loved one, struggling with OCD and suffering from depression, I had lost interest in chasing the next big thing in life. That millionaire status, billionaire club or buying the recently released exclusive products.

I just wanted a good life, happiness, and that joy of being content with where I am. If there is anything that death has taught, time is always running out.

I have been once again reminded that, on my deathbed, what would really trouble my mind will be the quality of the relationships I make and retain.

It won’t be whether I could redefine myself by hitting the wealthy status. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to pursue my goals, but I have come to realize is that financial wealth won’t change who I am.

Neither does a good life nor the best version of myself require billionaire status or a millionaire tag. Taking care of mental health doesn’t require five years planning and preparation or waiting for a good start in a perfect tomorrow.

Living at the present moment is where the gemstone of happiness. I don’t want to wait until tomorrow if I can achieve it today.

Not only does the illusory belief of sacrificing everything today for a perfect tomorrow hamper our ability to enjoy what we have currently achieved, but it also demotivates us by making us feel not good enough.

My decision to storm into the darkness to move from educating to software engineering was a thing that sent a chill down my life spine.

Since we were born, we have been taught that all we need in life is job security, which comes with its twin brother financial security. In future, I want to give my children a good life, a happy one, where they won’t have to toil for bread.

To steal words from Gramps Morgan’s Song-People Like you, I want to be the change I want to see. That you can be ambitious but still have a good life balance. For me to be determined, I don’t need to sacrifice happiness.

What is the purpose of chasing success if once we achieve it, we will be too sick to enjoy, too lonely to share and too torn apart to even stand up at the podium of success?

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