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5 Practical Reasons Why Men Are Choosing To Be Single Forever

Why ignore it when destiny wants to serve you health, peace, quiet, and endless adventures?

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It’s well known to many that marriage and kids are a black hole that sucks away one’s freedom to enjoy life in his own way or however he wants. There are myriad responsibilities and chores all the time, for years.

Although a large chunk of the male population still opts for this route, either willingly or out of guilt due to societal norms and peer pressure, an increasing number of Millennials and GenZ men are choosing to stay unmarried with a partner.

But this piece is not about the above lot. It’s about those men who willingly choose to stay single forever with no strings attached.

Yes, believe it or not, the world is heading precisely in this direction for many men and women for many reasons. Human consciousness has reached another level of sophistication and it cannot be undone.

It’s also more than true that men with a spouse and kids tend to develop all sorts of health issues owing to all the stress and tension that come with running a family. On the other hand, bachelors with a good lifestyle most often end up living long, healthy, and satisfying lives.

Let’s jump into the reasons.

1. Women have changed

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Men are clearly starting to have trust issues with women when it comes to spending their lives in long-term relationships. We are clearly in the heydays of feminism and female empowerment, and women are changing the way they see life, freedom, men, and romantic relationships.

Any change in a system shifts the equilibrium, resulting in more changes. That’s what’s happening to men, and they want to change as well.

With long-term relationships come long-term investments and expenses. The most important aspects that bind two people together are mutual trust and respect.

Both men and women have become impatient with dealing with issues in relationships owing to today’s stressful and distracted lifestyle. As women are working as much as men, or in most cases, more than men, it’s not surprising to see even minor issues leading to divorces and breakups. It gets insanely complicated when there are kids.

As men cannot control or regulate such a vast revolution that’s happening with women around them, they are choosing to avoid getting into long-term relationships, knowing all its negative consequences.

Why would I put my finger in the flame if I knew what would happen?

Until two decades ago, marital and long-term relationships were held together by women, as they were more tolerant and forgiving. It’s not the case these days, owing to the nature of their lifestyle. Women are finding less and less meaning in offering their time and efforts towards long-term relationships and even motherhood.

Why worry when one can find another date in no time on dating apps? Women get more attention and matches on these apps than men, and consequently, are evolving much faster than men in this regard.

Both men and women have started looking at the romantic relationship in a different light. If you can’t fix it, throw it away and go get a new one. That’s the mentality these days. At the same time, the world is getting stinking expensive for even living a decent life. In a way, we are becoming exceedingly selfish and more secure with our savings and properties than ever before.

2. Cons outweigh pros

Photo by Ayo Ogunseinde on Unsplash

Men are refraining from undergoing all the pressing and stressful situations that come with being married and from having a family that results in nurturing and raising kids.

Kids are stink expensive even with two incomes and women are undecipherable as always. The list of expenses to raise kids is literally endless and probably longer than The Great Wall of China. As a majority of women still look for men to start a family and have kids, men who don’t see themselves getting sucked into the tiring family life laden with chores of all kinds, decide to stay away from serious dating and relationships.

3. All the world in my room

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Men are more ambitious than ever to establish themselves in this ever-inflating capitalistic economy. Many millennial and Generation Z men prefer to freelance or run their own businesses rather than work for someone else.

Men who choose to stay single and commitment-free have everything under one roof. Online services of all kinds have cropped up, and there’s literally no need to depend on anyone for anything. In the past, women stayed at home and took care of the house and kids while men worked. These days, as both men and women work, women don’t see the point in taking care of the house all by themselves.

So, there’s no need for such men to depend on anyone. They self-cook or order food from the online food catering services that are everywhere these days.

There are also online services that send housemaids, and they come really cheap these days. A man has to just work to earn a living and enjoy his free time however he wants. That’s where modern humans are heading.

4. Don’t have to grow up

Photo by michael schaffler on Unsplash

Men are creatures who constantly seek peace and quiet. There’s a reason why the bathroom is sometimes the only place at home where married men find solace and inner peace. Sitting on the toilet and contemplating life is something all men like. And that’s not what modern men want. They want to be free of pointless chores and constant tension. They’ve started thinking about everything that would justify the only life they have in this world.

Marriage and children are for responsible adults who want to share and give.

Sharing and giving are the keys to a happy marriage. When it comes to parenting, there is no expectation of anything in return. Selfishness is ingrained in children from an early age. Getting what they want when they want is their primary concern. They eat, sleep, and play all day long. They have no obligation to provide anything. Only a few simple rules and instructions are needed for them to function.

Kids these days have become exceedingly entitled and show extreme emotions when they don’t get something they want. This is owing to all the games and videos they constantly watch. Their brains keep getting massive doses of dopamine while they are hooked on to their screens for hours. This puts them under the spell of instant gratification. They think they can get anything and everything in this world. When they don’t, all hell breaks loose.

Kids also have access to a world of information in their hands. They are maturing much faster than before, and parents are unable to tackle their questions and expectations.

Many men don’t want to take the risk of raising a kid or two in this toxic world where the internet is full of nasty and life-wrecking stuff. As kids’ brains seek instant gratification, they naturally seek bad stuff, most of which is quite rewarding for the brain. Therefore, raising kids these days is not only expensive but also very risky.

Some men never mature and prefer to live their lives as eternal kids. So it’s best for such men to be single and enjoy their lives.

5. Endless adventures

Photo by Cassie Gallegos on Unsplash

Single men can go on road trips, pursue higher education, date as many women as they want, have sex with all kinds of women, take on a hobby or two, spend lavishly on food, tech gadgets, and so on.

Every place they go could turn into an adventure. They can be the inherent animals that they are and enjoy their lives as they want. Any place could potentially become a dating ground — bars, metros, trains, workplaces, you name it.

With no spouse and kids, your life and time are in your hands. You are not answerable to anyone. Men like it and all the logic and sense that come with it.

What will the future look like for single men?

Photo by Blake Wheeler on Unsplash

So, how are these single men going to cope with old age and declining health in their sunset years? Such men must know that time keeps ticking and before long they have to face the inevitable.

They must make peace with dying alone if they choose to live alone in their youth. They must ensure they have a premium health insurance package and quick access to the hospital at all times. They must also think about what will happen to all their belongings, wealth, and properties after they pass on.

But don’t fret. Housing communities specifically built for single men and women will start mushrooming very soon. People can spend their golden years there with like-minded people. I am sure about this because I am sure about what’s going to happen based on what’s happening.

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