6 Signs of Emotional Wellness

How are you, emotionally?

Amy Sandhu
Writers’ Blokke


Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I was depressed and suicidal. I felt stuck between a rock and a wall. After seeing a therapist, I still didn’t feel better about myself. Then, I learned that the change has to come from within me.

Every time I’m asked the question “How are you?” or “How’s life going?”, I start thinking to myself that the normal reply to those questions is “fine” or “good”. But am I really FINE? I think that’s a deeper question than it sounds.

Of course, I don’t start telling every person I meet my story, but it’s worth it to take a breath and take care of your emotions. Emotional wellness isn’t about how many problems you have — it’s about how you handle those problems.

Below is a list of signs of emotional well-being. But most of us rarely reach that point where we say “I’ve reached maximum wellness”. This is because we continuosly learn throughout life or we can better ourselves.

1. You accept yourself

You’re aware of your strange and habits. You don’t feel the need to change them. You don’t wear a mask for the world and pretend to be someone you’re not. Of course, there are times when we have to be careful of our behaviors (at work or formal meeting). But you don’t completely change yourself. You feel confident in being the same person from the inside out. You’re happy with what you have and don’t desire anything less or more.

2. You like others

You treat others with compassion and kindness. You don’t mind lending a helping hand. But let’s face it, in a normal world and depending on your neighborhood, we get a little suspicious as soon as someone asks for money or our phone to make a call. I’m not telling you to just hand out your money or credit card information. But a small kind gesture goes a long way. Return that $100 bill to the front lobby or return the key to the passerby that he dropped. You will also appreciate others’ kindness and try to return the favor when possible. “Holding gratitude is a good way to look at your life with appreciation and this makes a person feel positive about his or her life.”

3. You adapt

You’re able to handle any situation life throws at you. In a problematic situation, you take a step back and mindfully assess the problem — then take action. In a discussion or argument, you avoid over-reacting, rather, you try to explain your point of view calmly. You act calmly but also know when toughness is needed. You don’t try to solve everything; you’re aware of when it’s best to let things go.

4. You’re in tune with your emotions

“Another sign of emotional wellness is that you embrace your emotions — sadness, anger, anxiety, joy, fear, excitement — as a natural and normal part of life.” An important sign of emotional wellness is showing your emotions. When you feel like crying, go ahead and let your tears flow. I think it’s really important to cry. In any situation, you don’t underreact or overreact. You’re aware of when you’re stressed or sad and know how to cope. Also, your emotions don’t overwhelm you so much that they interrupt your daily life.

5. You want to achieve your goals

When you’re emotionally stable and confident, you’re also clear in your goals. This doesn’t mean that you have to know what your profession will be or where you’ll be in 15 years. But you take small steps towards becoming a better person whether that’s taking a dance class, losing weight or running a marathon. Your life is full of purposes and you feel good about what you do.

6. You’re not materialistic

Finally, you don’t care much for wealth or fame. You’d rather experience a new place or a new cuisine and have an interesting story rather than collecting likes on Instagram. People who are self-fulfilled and content are more emotionally stable than those who seek fulfillment from outside sources such as attention from others, money, popularity, etc. Emotionally stable people spend their money on experiences like going to a social gathering or concerts which involves spending time with others and results in bonding and new experiences.

I try to follow these signs to make me a better person. Complimenting someone’s make-up can make them feel confident. They may return the favor and compliment your shawl. And BINGO! You both have a smile on. So go ahead and be a kind-hearted and emotionally balanced person. It pays to be nice.



Amy Sandhu
Writers’ Blokke

BA in Psychology. I write stories to inspire others to be happy.