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7 Followers and $0.07

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I have been on medium for about one month now. Articles along the lines of ‘How I reached X number of followers’ and ‘How to be successful on medium’ are two a penny on here. I have by no means ‘made it’, as I am reminded daily by my dwindling views and shallow earnings pool. But I have discovered a few things about Medium that might be useful to share.

The Game

Having started solely with intentions of writing for enjoyment, it has been nearly impossible not to get drawn into the medium growth game; improve number of followers, get featured by prominent publications and increase potential earnings. Crucial to such growth is learning new tricks, hence, this list.


I had a tendency to write long paragraphs. Yet, from reading other successful articles, many of the most celebrated posts seem to add a line break after only a few sentences. I need to break with the past, by breaking this habit, and now break for a new paragraph.

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Your Own Publication

I discovered that using your own publication can increase the audience that is exposed to your article. When you publish yourself, if somebody reads your article, the next suggested reading will be other articles by YOU. Yet, if you publish in a different, albeit ‘well-known’ publication, the next suggested reads will be other articles from that publication which probably won’t mean yours. However, I have decided that my own publication will not be feasible until after I have built up a reasonably significant follower count.


The majority of my early followers have been people with a huge number of followers themselves, presumably seeking to expand their empire. Therefore, their imperial expansion must be an important factor in their success. One to watch and emulate perhaps. Needless to say, I much obliged with a follow back. Thankfully, I get a sense that many of my early followers have been inducements to follow them back, rather than mere sympathy follows.


Headlines are especially important. A simple browse tells me as much. Due to the huge numbers of articles available, your headline needs to attract. While I only got something like 37 claps for my Being a Viking article, it is my most successful, if you can call it that. And I think the title went a long way with that. It has the WTF factor.

Self help

It has become clear to me that medium is extremely self-help and personal growth oriented. This is why I am posting lessons learned instead of ‘bang average first month — a recap’. I am unsure how I will feel about this long term. Obviously such articles are inspiring and motivating, but, it worries me that the platform is so awash with them. Maybe these are the most successful? Consider this article my testing of the water rather than a hypocritical diatribe.


The ultimate aim slash narcissistic fantasy would be to have the letter ‘k’ accompany my number of followers. Ultimately, it is good writing that results in growth on this platform. The writers I have seen with the lovely ‘k’ next to their followers, all write extremely well. They have the interesting titles that drew me in, and the writing to keep me there. It would be foolish to begrudge them their success as they contribute to our own. The steps needed for success on this platform are straight in front of us, not many ventures provide this privilege.



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