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7 Posts on Medium for Seven Months

This is some consistency… Albeit there is a tinge of regret

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This is kind of a sequel to a post I wrote early last month. To be honest this is a continuation of sorts, if not a repetition. That being said, I am writing this owing to a feel good factor. This is an achievement, at a personal level of course, that I am immensely proud of. As such I won’t be hesitant to talk about it again.

For the last seven months I have been averaging seven posts a month on this platform. That’s a total of 49 posts during the period. I have been on Medium for quite some time, but honestly I have never been this consistent.

In fact the volume that I have managed in the last few months I don’t remember writing this many posts even in an entire year before this streak happened. My best total for a year has stopped five short of the half century mark.

I don’t have an iota of shame in admitting that this number is inclusive of the seven posts published last December — when this particular streak began. Yes, it was 2021 that ensured my best output on this platform. Maybe I need to express some gratitude to that otherwise awful virus, that among other things introduced the Work From Home (WFH) concept, something that has become the buzz phrase in recent times.

That being said, what I achieved in 2021 I have managed to better halfway through 2022. That I believe is a huge achievement, even though WFH still has a significant influence.

Before this productive phase I was more often than not erratic. The continuity element was anything but conspicuous. There had never been this urgency to make a certain number of posts per month. It’s meant to be a side hustle, and that had precisely been the case.

However, in the last 18 months or so I have been able to give more time to writing in general, and to Medium in particular. I believed I am more focused and the mental strength is just about apt to translate my thoughts into something tangible, and more relatable. That palpably explains this sudden continuity, upsurge in numbers and the overall upward trajectory. This new, somewhat prolific version of mine has left me surprised, if not shocked.

Frankly speaking, it feels good.

A certain consistency has been achieved in this period. The fact that I write on a variety of topics, and do not cater to a niche segment, has helped matters considerably.

This sustained growth in numbers is a moral booster no doubt but at the same time it has also made me a bit greedy. Now the time is apt to revise targets, reset goals and strive for more.

In an usual scenario it is given once you achieve a set objective the desire dissipates. I wouldn’t want that to happen to me. Hence, I have already set a new target, one that will help me push my limits and strive to achieve something I have hitherto never attempted. Yes, it is time to aim higher.

Now to the regret part. It could have been a more complete figure, an exact total of 50 posts in seven months had the editors of Writers’ Blokke published my submission a day or two earlier. Instead, they scheduled this for the beginning of this month. It left me a tad dejected.

It’s time for a disclaimer!

This is being written on a lighter note, and is not a complaint by any means. That being said it is also a fact that publication is somewhat responsible for my regret, even if it is to a miniscule level. The diligent and esteemed editors have to shoulder part of blame because I had made the submission with considerable time left, and well before the month was over. I sincerely hope this is taken in the right spirit, and not otherwise.

On a positive note it will (hopefully) be this publication from where I begin the new challenge, and attempt to better myself in the next few months.

To know what’s that, and if I am successful or not, keep reading my subsequent posts. Patience, perseverance and persistence always ensure more possibilities, my case being a perfect example. I’m keen on taking this adventure forward, with your support of course.



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