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9 Lessons of writing I learnt from Stephen King(King of storytelling):

Writing is achievable mastery:

Writing can be a journey that leads you into the Novel world with great ideas. No doubt, every writer has the intention to earn well with stories. In my experience, writing is the mingling of creativity and business demands. If you step into the writing world, you may notice that every successful writer has a backbone business model or publishers that make them viral.

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Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, every writer has space to allure the right audience. Here I mention the 9 Savvy qualities that Stephen King advice for every writer;

1. Write 6 Pages per day:

Yes, the writing demands you serious attention of about 3 to 4 hours of deliberate attention. On average, a page has 500words. It means your mission is to jot down 3000words focused concentration. Numerous hauntings come along the way of writing an immense number of words every day.

Stephen King has not a masturbatory and overwhelming way of writing words. He believes in the writing flow that allows the story to find its way.

2. Flow the bloody marks of the story:

Every story is a living thing. It can breathe and tell you the way to follow. Stephen condemns the idea of writing the story by following the plot blindly. There should be a surprise that sparks up the creative edge of confusion inside your mind.

3. The good ideas create a mark on you:

The good ideas are the one that visits you on repeat. They never allow you to hit the sack before work. It’s like a treasure that overturns the verdict of your previous work. The creative ideas bless you with the path to follow.

So, feel fearless and shameless about your unique idea and work on it. It leads you to a single line to a whole audacious tale.

4. First, read and copy others, then develop your style with increment:

Stephen King points out the power o reading to write a quality piece. Various reader underestimates the read. Your read sharpens up your stamina for work. Your style comes into life with the perpetual practice of your favourite writing styles. So, before diving into writing, at least discover the writing style that begins a path to develop yours.

5. Writing is hypnosis that demands you a routine:

As a writer, it’s crucial to develop and indulge in the process way. In my experience, if we create a proper writing routine, the worlds automatically float inside your mind like a tide. Besides, writing itself necessitates time.

6. Embark with short stories and allow them to be novel or screenplays:

Most of the time, every writer jump into writing noticeable things like book or novel. The best way to start it is to develop articles about it. You can create a short story that further changes into a novel due to an exploration of a single conflict.

7. Never be shy to shift to a different medium of writing:

Stephen shifts from novel to screenwriting, You can do the same uniquely. In your writing career, you may find yourself inspired by various things. It’s normal and the best way to be hands-on with some new styles. Besides, it boosts up your reading list and a different mind to see the same work.

8. Step into the world of writing until the outer world no longer exists:

Your write should excite you. It doesn’t have enough stamina to howl you. It cannot allure the readers. Your words should come inflow without the care of the right words. You can write a strong narrative that becomes a part of your collective effort.

9. Stick with the idea that cherishes you for a long time:

Never underestimate your unique ideas. It makes you a moron at first. Every writer should hold the idea and work on them. Our whole story should pursue several messages that hover above the ground of the central idea.

Ready to roll the coup for your great ideas,

Believe me. It gives you the feel of a spy with an audacious move!



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