A Drop in the Sea of Color, Light, and Sound

A drop in the sea inspires

Vincent Van Patten
Writers’ Blokke


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It’s a hazy night in Tokyo. Soft rain falling. The road smells like grilling meat; incandescent neon lights illuminate the sky.

I’m walking to the laundromat, a task I find it hard to imagine would excite many. But it excites me. I plan to write.

I love that writing can be done anywhere at anytime. These stories I share seldom come to me all at once. They’re constructed with bricks of ideas, words, lessons; spanning days, weeks, months.

Yet when complete, the whole says something about now. The feeling of now. The color and aura of now. The smell and sound. All writing is, is delving into now.

It doesn’t matter what now is. Now might hurt. Now might shine. Whatever it is, writing asks I be there, I open my eyes, and I listen.

The coin washing machine swashes and thunks repeatedly in a mesmerizing swirl beside me.

Outside the door, color fades as darkness falls. It’s wild how this makes me happy; I’m alone in a laundromat on the outskirts of Tokyo.

I’m alone in a laundromat on the outskirts of Tokyo.

How many others can say the same? Hundreds, perhaps thousands? And what are they all doing?