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A Journey Through Life. Do Any Of Us Know What Will Happen Along The Way?

Covid-19 Pandemic — Changing my path forever.

In many ways, lives can be like waves — unpredictable at times. One minute you are paddling at the shoreline, the next, a wave has swept you deeper out, and taken the control of your life away from you. This image is of blue waves topped with white crests, meeting the shoreline.
Image of author when he was well, a couple of years before Covid-19 unexpectedly changed his lifestyle. Photo taken by one of work colleagues. Author is leaning against the railings overlooking the River Thames, South Bank, London, UK.

This photo on the left was taken three years before Covid-19 unexpectedly reared its ugly head



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Jonathan Townend, RMN

Mental Health nurse turned writer. Top Writer in Space. Founder of Creative Passions publication and editor for The Shortform publication.