A Pandemic-How the Supreme Court Tilted Election Law Favoring the GOP Party

EP McKnight, MEd
Jun 9 · 5 min read

When the constitution is left to the interpretation of a biased Supreme Court giving power to a particular party is a red flag

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In 2013, the Supreme Court discarded a portion of the Voting Rights Act that required states with histories of discriminating against Black voters to clear election rule changes with the Justice Department, under Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr this has been modified.

Practically all of the United Divided States have adopted and past laws blocking votes of people of color and the youth votes. Now the court has gotten involved, allowing Texas and other Southern states to impose voting restrictions. These laws of suppressing the vote is not new, the Supreme Court over the last decade has behind the scenes and quietly unbeknownst to the general public reshaped the election laws elevating the power of state lawmakers over the rights of their voters.

Suppression of the vote under the disguise of the robe! Why? Favoring who?

The court rulings over elections in favor of the GOP has given them the edge in recapturing control of Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024.

Now we know why Trump appointed over two hundred judges to the Supreme Court!

Now it is clearly to see as the handwriting in on the wall, the Supreme Court threw out the part of the Voting Rights act that required states with histories of discriminating against black voters to be accountable but of late has given them the power to do what they wish in suppressing the people of color vote. Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr was instrumental in throwing out this accountability law, needed more now than ever, saying it was outdated and did not fit with “current conditions.”

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see his intent and for whom! Who is he kidding?!

Under Judge Roberts, injustice flourishes like gasoline on fire, or wind during a hurricane. According to Roberts, the Constitution should be allowed to draw gerrymandered districts to keep themselves in power, provide unlimited donations from the wealthy and corporations on campaigns, and may permit state lawmakers, not the voters, to decided on the presidency.

If you can not win with a fair election, is it better to steal it? The legacy you make, the legacy you live and the legacy you die!

What happens when politicians are all about the power, control and wealth and not serving the common good? The court along with the GOP states are mandating and passing all these voting restrictions to gain control of the White House, and Congress, without an iota of legislation justifying any good will for the people. The Supreme Court gave a green light to aggressive partisan gerrymandering that guaranteed seats in the GOP states to retake the House. Obviously, the Supreme Court does not care about protecting the right to vote for all as they sat on their high chairs appointed to a life position on the bench.

During the civil rights era, the 1960s, the Supreme Court spoke out about protecting voting rights as a fundamental right. What happened?

Now that constitutional right, the very same court is replacing this mandate allowing state legislators to trump the rights of the voters or overturn at will in favor of a choice candidate. All these changes to voting suppression are geared to benefit the Republican party

Why vote? This is the very question that the court and the GOP want the people of color to entertain, so they will not even attempt to vote but you can only suppress someone so much and long before they start to push back to the detriment of society as a whole.

Gerrymandering in North Carolina, Republican legislators ensures themselves to hold the majority of seats in Congress, even in the face of the Democrats wining more votes statewide, Judge Roberts has given his stamp of approval for this to happen dating back to 2019.

How far would the Supreme Court go to uphold the power of the states over the wishes of their voters? That question may be answered in 2024.

The handwriting of all this injustice and suppression of the people of color voting privilege was always prevalent but became more heightened the day Trump was elected and has soared to the skies after he lost a fair election and can’t handle the defeat that the people spoke and it was not for him, but a slim minority thus the Insurrection on January 6, 2021.

According to the naysayers, there is a legal divide over voting and elections as the politicians debate over how to read the Constitution and American history.

Number one, the Constitution is a legal document with all its amendments, there are reputable experts in deciphering the Constitution! What happened to commonsense?

Number two, American history is not that difficult to understand, just tell the truth, inclusive of all stories, that will suffice.

Judges and state legislators across this country are manipulating the Constitution to gain endorsement in a Democratic political system that is being destroyed daily at the hands of a minority who wants to see a dictatorship as each are paid with the taxpayers’ dollars. Ironically, politicians are supposed to work for the public or the people’s common good but of late they are working for their collective agenda to suppress people of color human rights and constitutional rights. When judges like Roberts continue to infer what they thought the Constitution meant presents a major problem, i.e. the states were intended to have the power to regulate elections.

Gosh, when the court bends the rules in favor of one political party over another, the system is dysfunctional in its highest degree.

It is common knowledge, Roberts with his 16-year tenure who has repeatedly invoked the court duty to protect the 1st Amendment rights of the wealthy and corporate groups to spends limitless money on election campaigns unlike the past laws where the court prevented such contributions on the grounds that it violated the right to “political speech.”

Paradoxically, four years ago Roberts stated, “There is no right more basic in our democracy than the right to participate in electing our political leaders.” This was a statement form his opening line of McCutcheon vs. FEC.

In conclusion, sometimes when one digs a hole for another, they often may fall into that very same whole themselves. Karma comes calling when least expected and cannot be stopped or haltered. In the meantime, the good for the people has to continue to fight the courts against the others who are bad for the people. Thankfully, the Civil rights lawyers are filing suits under the Voting Rights act proving the discriminatory practices against Black and Latino voters in the midst of difficult litigation, but the White House and the Democrats must step up to the plate to ensure these lawyers can hit a homerun. Pass the “S1” bill, For the People Act, negate the filibuster and move on.

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EP McKnight, MEd

Written by

Actress, Stage playwright, Author, Motivational Speaker, Teacher Fitness Coach. www.epmcknight.wixsite.epfitspiration Follow me: https://linktr.ee/EPMcKnight

Writers’ Blokke

The publication for writers and readers to create and read amazing content

EP McKnight, MEd

Written by

Actress, Stage playwright, Author, Motivational Speaker, Teacher Fitness Coach. www.epmcknight.wixsite.epfitspiration Follow me: https://linktr.ee/EPMcKnight

Writers’ Blokke

The publication for writers and readers to create and read amazing content

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