After Over 60 Stories in 2 months, I Have Nothing To Say

That others haven’t said already

M.A. Mercier
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2 min readJul 2, 2021


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Its been two months since I started my challenge, and I felt I would have something profound to say about it every few months, but I don’t. And I don’t want to sugarcoat it by saying ‘These X things ACTUALLY helped me’. That would be a sad day for me, for sure.

What I will say, though, that I think I undervalued three things at the start:

  • Curation
  • Followers
  • Read time

Now that I know that, and that I have already crushed the goals for even my last checkpoint — not the reads, or the read ratio, but that’s fine — I want to reflect. So, yes, I got published into Feedium various times, but got rejected from The Writing Cooperative a couple of times, and haven’t pitched the other two publications.

I think I got better as an article writer, which is still progress, but the month of July is crazy. This has the deadline of 31st July and I am only 1 chapter in. If you want to help me, you can leave a note, or if you are in Illumination, DM me on slack. I want a few opinions on my plot.

I do manage my time better! At least in my opinion. I am now able to pump out longer, more detailed and better — again, in my opinion — articles on a regular basis.

I wrote most of my articles in one sitting in June, however, some articles, like this one, took me three days after starting it. Yikes.

Are you still enthusiastic about every post you write?

Am I still enthusiastic? Yes. But I have even lesser time than before.

Are you making progress in achieving the aims you mentioned?

Oh, yes, I am making progress.

Are you satisfied with your growth since the start of your challenge?

A bit, I won’t say I am killing it, but I am certainly moving faster than average.

If it wasn’t a challenge, would you have continued to write daily, or at all?

I would. I, actually, love writing more than ever.

So am I happy? Very much so. Am I satisfied with what has happened until now for me on Medium? Obviously! What could I ask for more? I have several new friends who I ‘talk’(converse) to every day, I am able to express my opinions in a way I have grown to love, and I am safe! Anyway, hey! I have a newsletter now! It will be a monthly email, a kind of monologue about literature, writing, philosophy, and music, linking the articles I found most useful. It will be delivered on the 19th of every month. Do Subscribe if you are interested.

That’s it then!