LOST: One Self

Sandi Parsons
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1 min readAug 25, 2021


Sunflower that hasn’t bloomed
Photo Credit: Sandi Parsons

Rather bubbly in nature, fun-loving but is prone to silliness. Possesses a rather sarcastic wit but has been known to be a little naïve at times. Comes with a devilish nature, capable of great mischief and naughtiness, will tease without mercy if the situation requires.

Often blunt, proven to ask pertinent questions about what others may consider irrelevant subjects. Self-assured, confident, intelligent, and creative.

Wouldn’t hurt a fly, although considers spiders and snakes to be fair game.

Tends to sing (extremely badly) in the shower, in the car, while doing housework and other chores. Also tends to dance but is extremely uncoordinated.

Game to try most anything at least once.

Believes in trusting others, that honesty is the best policy, that true friendships never end, and that every person has a soul mate.

Above all else, a happy self.

If found, please let me know … I’d really like to be me again.

Reward offered.



Sandi Parsons
Writers’ Blokke

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