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Writers’ Blokke

Dear Dale’s Advice Column Parody.

There’s a writer on Medium called Darrell Miller, who writes an advice column parody.

Miller’s Dale tells it like it is, and then adds on for emphasis. I binge on about 6–7 of them at one go. Crisp two minute reads or less, they have none of the cult-like positivity you see everywhere nowadays.

Because Miller is so well-read, you’ll see a sprinkling of literature in the columns.

In Miller’s take on time machines, he refers to Herman Melville’s Typee, set in Polynesia. A white man stranded on the islands, with fruit fit for the Gods, and…

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Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh

Tooth Truth Roopa Vikesh


I don’t just create smiles, I inspire them! Dentist, mom—Jamshedpur, India.