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Design Matters

Photo by Lisa from Pexels

I was desperately job hunting at 50; the company I worked at was packing up.

I attended an interview and was interviewed by a girl half my age. For some reason she kept clearing her throat so often I asked her if she was unwell. She said she was alright and kept fumbling at her stationery on her table.

Then she asked me to tell her about myself — something I so dislike. But I am being interviewed and I had to respect her question. Once I completed, she asked me if I know ‘design’.

Well, I thought for a few seconds before I answered. I asked her if it was ‘design related to content’ and I said yes, but I have not worked on ‘design’ though I write keeping design in mind. It is the designers who bring out the design — I hesitated, and she cleared her throat.

Somehow, I knew then that I am a name, just being struck off the interviewee list.

After some unnecessary pleasantries she said she will ‘get back to me’, which actually means the opposite.

So what’s ‘design’? Let’s talk about design in life.

To put it simply, design is a plan. And the verb design is the process that breathes life into this plan.

Why is design so pompous today; though it has been such an ancient ‘way of life’?

Keeping home can be design, grooming your cat can be design, just the way you place your table mats can be design. So, why is design today seated on a pedestal?

To me, design is what lends something its appeal and the comfort of maneuvering around. During the Dussehra festival in Kolkata, India, goddess Durga is designed in various hues. Each idol has an appeal of its own, some scare you, some calm and yet some others just awe you. Whatever the impact, each piece is ‘designed’ with something in mind. The designer has an image in mind and that’s what he brings to the fore. What we make of it can be different.

So when I was asked the question, I should have answered with an example; I did not, and I failed. I did however hop on to the next company that wanted me- that is another story to tell.

So simplifying further, design is the crux of life. If you cannot hold a teacup with ease, it’s a failed design. If you can’t see yourself full length in the tall mirror, the design may need to be altered. If your storage boxes do not shut tight, it is a faulty design.

Then, are all God’s design perfect? Give it a thought.

I failed the interview; on that day, the pattern or intend of the answer I created in my head failed me. My design did not form a pattern in the interviewer’s mind. It doesn’t matter, there is always scope for better design.



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