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Don't Be Disheartened by What Big Writers are Achieving and You Are Unable to

Do it your way

Image by Gerhard G. from Pixabay

How often you come across articles like how to make 50 followers per day?

Or how to write a $1500 article?

Or earn a six-figure income from writing?

Quite often, is what I will say.

It is always good to be inspired by what others have achieved. But after reading the article are you motivated or are you disheartened? If it is earlier, you should continue doing that and this article is not for you. If the latter, then I can tell you what I did to prevent it.

I started reading these articles quite early in my writing days. And the more I read them, I was experiencing pressure on myself, a little voice telling me I am doing something wrong. As if time is running out on me and I will not be able to catch up.

I was feeling boughed down with the quantified success of others when I compared that to mine. The destination of becoming a good and successful writer seemed so distant.

I knew I had to something about it.

I stopped reading those articles.

I avoided articles that spoke about numbers, sort of flaunting. I knew that is important, but not right away. It distracted my purpose of getting myself to write better. I felt if I get dissuaded by objectifying my results, I will be a desperate writer in a hurry to reach that number.

In your life, you either need inspiration or desperation. Tony Robbins

I focused on articles that helped me write a good one.


There is a deluge of articles that help you focus on things that would help a writer to become a notch better one. I started shifting my focus on learning these traits. And I was amazed at the pace at which I was polishing up my craft.

I also read articles on how writers have faltered and learned their way up. Learning from someone else’s mistake. There are even articles on tools and courses that help you move ahead.

So, basically, I became a horse wearing a blinder.

I just kept writing.

Because I believe I have to write well primarily, the rest eventually fall in place.

Instead of keeping a tab on how much my article is earning for me or how many followers I have added in a week, I aimed at how many articles I have been able to write in a given period of time. Like Sam Snead said:

Practise puts brains in your muscles.

I pulled myself up to putting my thoughts out on the paper more and more, each time I did that, the clog of the conduit cleared a little more. Each time, I had more words to say things. I am still going uphill on my learning curve, but

I am not bothered about how far I have to go; I am happy at how far I have come.

I am seeing the results.

There is no quick recipe for success, is what I have been told and is what I also believe. I am ready to do the grind and earn it.

So I have to work my way through writing and I am okay with that.

There is a beautiful Zen story.

A farmer once brought his son to a Zen master, to make a man out of him.

The monk asked him to leave the boy with him for 3 months.

After 3 months the monk invited the father to come see a duel between the boy and seasoned karate trainer.

As the match started, the trainer attacked the boy and he fell hard on the floor. But immediately he got up and started fighting again. It happened for almost twenty times.

The farmer was disheartened. Seeing this the monk asked him- Are you not proud of your son?

The farmer sheepishly said- But he is losing.

The monk smiled and said -You are not looking at the times he has risen up to fight after falling hard. That is the real manliness you should admire.

It is not the falling that defines you, but the getting up.

Keep writing and learn the trade. Find your niche. There will something you are good at and which people out there want to know.

Keep falling till you find that one move that will bring you success.



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