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Dreaming of Better Days

Sharing more of my old poetry

Photo credit: Cendrine Marrouat

Last month, I started sharing poems that I had written during the first years of my career. Thank you for all the great comments!

The experience has not been interesting just because of the feedback, though. Re-reading and selecting the pieces for publication bring back memories and force me to re-live the emotions that triggered them.

Some people find that to be a painful process. It isn’t for me. It cements my faith in myself and allows me to understand how much I have grown in the last 16 years. My depression is completely gone, I have released 35+ books and worked in many different fields. I consider myself a success. :-)

Today’s poem is titled “Dreaming of Better Days”

Dreaming of better days,
I have had my share.
The useless madness of it
All will not save my soul.
I cannot keep pretending.
My better days are right here,
Right now, inside and outside
The tears I have shed.
My better days are screaming.
To be heard and embraced.

And I will love them, come what may.
I will break the spell of past disarray.
One second of absence or true being
Is what makes it all worth disagreeing.

Dreaming of better days,
Is not for me anymore.
The open air in the fields,
The mountains on the horizon,
And night falling in the firmament,
Are just some of the wonders
My soul craves in the stillness of time.

I am not scared of tomorrow,
And I see beyond yesterday.
For God willed the words I speak today.
And I am vessel of Love
For centuries to come.

©2008 Cendrine Marrouat

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Cendrine Marrouat

Cendrine Marrouat

Poet, photographer, writer, author, co-founder of Auroras & Blossoms / PoArtMo, and (co-)creator of literary forms. https://creativeramblings.com.

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