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Enchanting Eid

Can you feel the light air surrounding you? Can your hear the loud laughter the wind is carrying with it? Can you feel your heart getting giddy over what’s soon to come?

Photo by Anton Darius on Unsplash

Eid is only a few hours away, and the world is eagerly preparing for it. The traditional sweets are being baked, and the delicious aroma wafts through every house’s residents’ nostrils as their mouths water in anticipation. The adults are purchasing the fire crackers to play with among friends and family for the following nights. Everyone is busy rushing to purchase new outfits to wear, something that has been a tradition for centuries.

Everyone is holding their breaths in anticipation for the moment they break their last fast of Ramadan for the year, bidding it a warm farewell and hoping to live to experience it again next year. With the intent of moving on, Eid steals the show and relishes in the spotlight. This is a time where families and friends wake up in the morning to pray the Eid prayers in the mosque, and then get back home for some rest.

Upon waking up, everyone gathers around to have breakfast together, and it is usually the freshly baked biscuits and some tea to thoroughly enjoy. The children get gifts the moment they wake up, sitting on the end of their beds, all wrapped up and waiting to be opened. After breakfast, everyone gets ready to go out and spend the day doing anything adventurous and fun, or peaceful and heart-warming.

It is a celebration that everyone cherishes, and a moment for people to be thankful for everything God has blessed them with. This enchanting holiday is one which people use to spend with their loved ones and enjoy every moment with. Everyone is surrounded by joy and excitement, a buzz in the air that is so welcomingly contagious.

May you all have an Enchanting Eid, overflowing with blessings and joy!



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