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Everything Has Its Time

Nature works this way

Mango tree: Pic by the author

Green/Yellow dots fill the tree outside my window. These dots that cling to the stem are mango flowers. These flowers will give way to mango.

Looking at the tree, I realised everything has its time. The flower will become fruit when it has to. No matter what, one cannot quicken/expedite the timeline of a flower becoming a fruit.

What the tree can do is it can keep absorbing sunlight, absorb nutrients from the soil, prepare food and ensure that flowers are nourished. They don’t get impatient and stop doing what’s necessary.

Similarly, we are so focused on the outcome that we forget the process. If you want to be a good writer or good at anything, you need to devote some time every day to learning or improving that skill.

For improving your writing skills, you may read a book, join a writing course, or practise writing every day, but you must have a routine. If you follow the routine consistently, you will sooner or later see your efforts turn into success.

Some of the flowers that I see now will not turn into fruit. They will fall during a storm, gale knocking them off the branch, or birds pecking at them, but other flowers will become fruit.

Similarly, some of your efforts will not bear fruit. They will not get you the result you were looking for, but your other endeavour will lead you to success. You can’t win every time or get the results you want.

When you look at a tree during a storm, the branches and stems sway wildly, and that gives you the impression that the tree will be uprooted at any moment, but if you look down, you see the trunk and roots keeping the tree stable and rooted. It’s calm down there compared to the turmoil in the upper part.

Similarly, when you go through a tough time or rough patch, your core values will hold you together.

Identify what values you stand for, what values you admire and when the rough time hits you, stick to those core values, and you will get past the tough times.

We can learn a lot from nature, but you must have an open mind for it. Learn from nature and grow along with nature because nature thrives and survives. You can’t thrive every time, and you can’t survive every time.



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