Fear, an Emotion to Rechannel

EP McKnight, MEd
Writers’ Blokke
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2 min readOct 26, 2023


A poem about dealing with fear.

Photo by Vadim Bogulov on Unsplash


Fear is a normal emotion, stirred by dread
Afraid of the unknown you make your bed
Fear, false evidence appearing real
Don’t allow it to be your life’s seal
Fear like electricity cause the body to short circuit
Tackle fear, eradicate with the positive, banish it
Re-channel fear, you will lead and succeed.

Fear is not to your detriment
Handling your fear, you must consent
Re-channeled fear, you are in control
Un-channeled fear, you lost you role.

Satan use fear to in bondage, you keep
With no freedom, you daily weep
God provide many ways to get away
To him you must run straightaway
If you try and stumble and fall
Fret not, just yield and heed the call
God’s wants to give you true joy
Not allowing fear to you destroy.

Fear can be combated with prayer and praise
Grounding you solidly, you might be amazed
Believe in yourself, commit to God the rest…



EP McKnight, MEd
Writers’ Blokke

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