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Writers’ Blokke

For Better or For Worst

How life is a combo platter, some things you like and some you do not.

Photo by Fabio Comparelli on Unsplash

Everyday comes with its own adventure
even the most perfectly planned day
gets upended by the least expected
what is done as a result
determine how the day will go
you can take a deep breath
or your can scream to top of your lungs
either way matters, as you get relief
at the end of the day, could be worse
could be better, someone may have it worse…



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EP McKnight, MEd

EP McKnight, MEd

Actress, Stage playwright, Author, Motivational Speaker, Teacher Fitness Coach. www.epmcknight.wixsite.epfitspiration Follow me: Tiktok, imdb.me/epmcknight