From Dollars to Pennies on Medium

EP McKnight, MEd
Writers’ Blokke
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2 min readDec 1, 2023


A poem about do what you love and the money follows.

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Thank you medium for all the opportunities
I have enjoyed connecting with so many
people around the world and all types
I have learned and shared much
on a platform that says publish often
find your audience and the dollars will come
I followed the rules, learned to write better
found a niche, published every day
sometimes twice of three times a day
three years of earning pennies
finally the dollars came, small dollars
they came and increased slowly for two years
thereafter the dollars decreased month
by month, still I published regularly as before
unmotivated seen my popularity increased
published regularly but my dollars fell so low
there went my interest as I worked on my dissertation
completed my dissertation, but my medium interest
has taken a nose dive, pennies are low incentives
do I go, do I stay, do I try again? a bridge I need to cross
will miss many medium writers, their stories and comments
It cost $5 to be a member, but now I pay more than I make
I must do some serious thinking, should I go, or should I stay
that is my question, to Medium and all my medium cohorts
it is not easy to say goodbye, wish I could say hello again
from dollars to pennies, for the same work as before
time is precious, time is non-refundable, now is the time!



EP McKnight, MEd
Writers’ Blokke

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