From My First Medium Story to Full-Time Content Creator In 1 Year

If you want progress, you need an actionable process

Writers’ Blokke


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Technology photo created by lookstudio —

In February 2021, I started writing here. In February 2022, it’s official: I’ll be going full-time content creator soon.

How did I get there in 12 months? Here are my 5 top tips!


Some of these tips, you hear over and over again, I’m certain.

Why? Because they work!

You hear them often because successful Medium writers follow these steps.

My 5 steps to success

1. Consistency

Yeah, booooring… I know. You’ve read this a million times.

For good reason.

Once I started writing daily, my views and earnings increased. Consistency isn’t a shallow term, it’s the basis for success. It doesn’t mean writing daily for everyone, but it’s probably more than 1 story per month.

You know what else starts happening through consistent writing? The following:

1. The likelihood of hitting a viral post.

2. Writing evergreen content that keeps getting views.



Writers’ Blokke

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