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Gluten Free Goodness — New Restaurant Review (Frisco, TX)

Does it live up to the claim in its name?

Photos — L. Burton and Gina Briganti

Tucked away off a tiny, two-lane road with no sign to indicate its presence is what anyone who eats gluten-free dreams of. Gluten Free Goodness (GFG) is a dedicated scratch kitchen that serves brunch, lunch, dinner, and offers catering.

Over the opening of the dining room is a plaque that reads La Cucina. Before looking it up, L. figured it had something to do with cuisine. Turns out that it’s Italian for “cuisine” or “kitchen.” Makes sense and a nice first impression.

The adventure started with L. sitting in her car waiting for Gina to arrive when the one-man-show who runs GFG pulled up next to her. Arms loaded with fresh supplies, he asked if he could help. L. told him she was waiting on a friend for lunch. He told L she was welcome to wait inside. Having already turned off her engine several minutes before in mid-July heat, she took the offer and walked inside the cool waiting area.

When Gina arrived we picked a table and looked over the menu. Mobile searches leading up to our visit only showed a Father’s Day menu, so we didn’t know what to expect.

For starters, L. chose the mozzarella sticks, which we shared, and we gave a solid 4/5 stars to for overall portion size, taste, and doneness. The breading was crisp, the cheese gooey and melty. Gina chose the cheesy garlic bread, which arrived with the perfect amount of tomato sauce to dip it in.

For L.’s meal, she decided to go with the wagyu classic burger with cheddar. 5/5 stars! L. had no idea what wagyu meant, but the owner explained that it comes from a special breed of Japanese beef cattle, the marbelization is throughout, which is what gives it its juiciness. This was by far the juiciest burger she’s ever tasted. It came with lettuce, spinach, red onions and pickles. The fries were a wavy number that were lightly salted and cooked to perfection.

L. didn’t leave any of the burger, but did bring home two of the mozzarella sticks, a piece of Gina’s fried chicken sandwich, and a piece of the cheesy garlic bread.

The important take-away for L. is that even though the food is gluten free, she didn’t feel like there was anything lacking, taste wise. L. doesn’t have to eat gluten free but did because Gina gets a rash if she eats gluten (the proteins found mainly in wheat, rye, barley, and triticale).

We can have good meals together most everywhere thanks to a growing awareness of gluten’s effects on those who have varying degrees of difficulty. For some, getting glutened can mean a trip to the hospital in those diagnosed with celiac. While Gina dreamed of eating fried chicken she didn’t prepare, L. was happy to explore new foods and the benefits of friendship formed years before.

Gina’s hope of having fried chicken, biscuits, and gravy will wait until she calls 24 hours ahead to request it and getting a table for dine-in. She was that impressed with the texture and flavor of the burger buns paired with dreamy crunchy breading on the fried chicken sandwich The pieces of cheesy garlic bread she took home were part of a gluten-free pasta dinner the next night and they were just as good then as they were fresh from the restaurant’s kitchen.

Whether you have to eat gluten free for health reasons or just want a personable experience with a knowledgeable chef who cares about the food he makes and the people who eat it, this is the place to eat. Portion sizes are good and the atmosphere is inviting. Our overall rating is 5/5 and it does live up to its name. GFG is a gem of a find.



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