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Got $17.56 And $9.12 For Two Articles That Took Me Only 60 Minutes To Write

Good habits for writers on Medium and why do you have to be thankful to Medium?

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So far I’ve written articles and poems on different topics, but two articles stick out like a sore thumb for all the good reasons.

While most articles took a lot of my time to research, write, edit and publish, these two articles took a meager third of the time that it usually takes me to draft and finish a piece.

The first article is about my mental health, and the second is about money.

The mental health article

author’s stats page

This was my first hit article. It has earned $17.56 so far and, most importantly, keeps gathering a few dollars every month.

The article is about my tips, advice, and warning to those who are dating an introverted person. It’s a personal anecdote, meaning a true story, which I wanted to write to shed some well-needed light on this topic. It talks about how to deal with introverts on a daily basis in a romantic relationship.

Personal essays on mental health written with a fresh style appeal to readers.

This piece took me less than an hour to write and publish as it did not need any research. Although there are heaps of articles on Medium about mental health, this one has struck a chord among readers because of the writing style I chose to use. Read it and you will know it.

The money article

author’s stats page

This one was again a surprise. While I am aware that articles on money do really well on Medium, I found too many articles covering literally every aspect of money.

I chose to take a different approach. I used funny gifs to go along with the topics I wrote about. And it became an instant hit among readers. Well, everyone is always curious about making, saving, and investing money, aren’t they?

Just like my mental health piece, this one still keeps gathering some dollars every month.

The topics I find going viral on Medium are money, love, sex, Medium, how to earn on Medium, psychology, well-being, and finally, crapping about the world we live in.

Very important pieces of advice

As you know, we have a severe drought going on on the platform. Writers are not getting the attention and the money they deserve.

If you are a new writer or a writer with not a lot of followers, just hang on and keep writing as much and as well as you can.

If you know you are a good writer who is capable of creating unique content with useful takeaways, just hang on and don’t quit.

I have seen many top writers with more than a thousand followers who write really average content and still get by making money and gaining more followers.

This is because they chose to stick around during adverse times. They were persistent and adamant about not calling it a day. They were hibernating too, but with a wicked plan. See what I mean?

Well, I was told by a few experienced writers on Medium that the situation may go on well into the New Year. After February, the sun will start shining again on Medium and its writers.

Good habits to follow on Medium

  1. Follow Medium’s guidelines

https://policy.medium.com/medium-rules-30e5502c4eb4. Out of sheer ignorance and a bit of greed, I made a blunder that almost threw me out of Medium. I wrote an article to spread awareness. I was warned by Medium.

2. Connect with other writers

This is as important as writing and earning on Medium. Spend 30 minutes every day reading articles by different writers. Yeah, discover new writers every day, read an article or two. Clap, highlight, and comment. Most writers, unless they are super big fish on Medium, write back. So, choose up-and-coming writers and connect with them. Say, three new writers a day.

3. Claps and comments mean a lot to everyone

When you clap for someone, please make sure your clap count is 50 or at least more than 25. Long press the clap icon to see the clap count increase.

I considered giving up writing on Medium at least thrice last month. Do you know what made me reconsider my decision? claps and comments.

So clap more, comment more, highlight more, and connect more. It’s a win-win. It’s how virtual karma works. You clap, they clap. You comment, they comment. You highlight, they highlight.

Why do you have to be thankful to Medium?

Medium makes budding bloggers’ and writers’ lives so much easier in so many ways.

Just imagine if you were to start your own blogging site. You have to create and maintain your site. You have to spend a truckload of time finding traffic for your content. Getting traction with so many blogging sites is a very painstaking and laborious process.

Medium does it for you for $5 a month. It gives you space and a professional site to write on and inspire. In addition to earning money and gaining valuable writing experience, it gives you thousands of people to connect from the get-go, which is the most important jewel in the crown.

Medium literally provides a fully functioning blogging site for its writers. What more do you want? It also does SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you. If you know it better, you have the option to use your own keywords to get more traffic on Google.

Final thought

Stick around and keep writing. This is winter. Hibernation time. It’s learning time rather than earning time. Learn more about SEO, write better blog posts, connect with writers, and read more. I am sure we will get out of this setback very soon.

I can already see the light at the end of your tunnel.

If you like my work, you may tip me here.

Thank you for reading. Click on the link below to become a Medium member and have full access to all articles on Medium and to all my articles. It’s only $5 per month for 1000s of great articles. In doing so, I will get a small part of your monthly fee to support my writing at no additional cost to you.




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