Great Ideas Are Nothing Without Execution

Delles Simon 📚
Writers’ Blokke
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2 min readMay 13, 2021


Image by jdent from Unsplash

It is the APPLICATION of ideas that leads to results in your life.

When someone asks “is it a good idea?,” most of the time your answer (although genuine) maybe false.

What the person should do it TEST and learn from their idea to see if “the market” or the world finds their idea to be useful.

The market is your ultimate validation test for ideas. Expose your ideas to the masses and get feedback regularly to shape your offering to be more helpful for those you serve.

The next time you get an idea, start defining what it takes to turn that idea into a beautiful reality. This is the difference maker between the talkers and the doers.

We are all blessed with a limitless flow of “great" ideas but can you put together a team and the resources to make yours a reality?

You can. Just understand the balance. And if you spend all day in idea land, surround yourself with people who love to take action.

Understand yourself.

Have a nice day and keep DOING the things you need to do to be successful. Don’t neglect times for deep thinking but don’t get lost in your mind.

Put your ideas into the market and let the market show you proof of your great thoughts.