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haikus are to Poetry what

a poetic rant

Shoen Uemura’s “Composition of a Poem” (1942)

ㅤㅤnot to burst all those
ㅤㅤoh-so-perfect seventeen-
ㅤㅤsyllable bubbles


haikus are to Poetry what
training wheels are to a grown-ass

ㅤㅤthey are to Poetry what
ㅤㅤChopsticks is to a symphonic

ㅤㅤㅤㅤthey are to Poetry what
ㅤㅤㅤㅤdinner rolls are to a four-course

don’t get me wrong

ㅤㅤone can still crash on training wheels
ㅤㅤone can most certainly butcher Chopsticks
ㅤㅤand baking bread is a skill few will master

and so, too, plenty of haikus

ㅤㅤwobble and flop
ㅤㅤvex the ears
ㅤㅤfail to rise

but don’t declare victory yet
just because you managed
to hatch a half-decent

ㅤㅤthe journey of a
ㅤㅤthousand miles begins with
ㅤㅤone succinct verse




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