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If you could change something about yourself, what would that be?

I could have changed an early decay of my teeth by feeding less on Indian Gooseberry, giving them more of Sun Bath & not washing my teeth while bathing with Soap.

When putting the same question to Bill Gates, he responded right in the middle of it. I want to review my 2019 Annual Letter by exploring, destroying and hijacking the various sites that showcase it.

What is Bill Gates aim to formulate?

Before making noise on his separation, he called for the limelight to assert on jaw-dropping things. No, not for eavesdropping on his new girlfriend, but he said it was bigger than this.

Admittedly, he didn’t envision this kick coming with his knickers down.

Nine heart attacks have inspired me to pretend.

By Bill Gates.


1st Heart Attack

Africa is the youngest continent

Bill conked of saying The world does not cease to age, but Africa stays in the same period. Everyone in the world lives long, except in Africa. The median age is only 18 years old. It’s simple, Bill, you have the authority to make it the most senior. Bill seemed devastated after this discovery, and I sent an e-mail through my Microsoft Id to creep in the seriousness. Comedians get a bad rap. I beamed him a blueprint of Africa Map with places where old age nursing homes need to construct; the overcrowded nursing homes worldwide need to believe in dividing the burden.

2nd Heart Attack

A concealed weapon, DNA analysis triggers serial killers and preterm birth.

When the police used the DNA test results to catch the Golden State Killer last year, the story made headlines worldwide.

Joseph James DeAngelo

It’s believed he fluttered in Bill’s dream, saying because of my DNA test, I got arrested. I googled learnt you can fabricate blood and saliva samples for DNA examination. I never realize they will catch me by my dick as the ejaculation test got me captivated.

Bill went further in the DNA analysis found that in females, it can stop premature birth. Articulated this success, he got Joseph James DeAngelo picture gold-framed to hang it in the most visible position as a conversation starter for guests.

3rd Heart Attack

Green House Gas Emissions in Five Sectors.

Where the world contributes to climate change research, Bill wondered why not include this topic and show my sophisticated approach to dealing with it.

He points out each person’s ignorance and pedestal on his wisdom.

Bust down the silence in “I wish more people fully understood what it would take to stop climate change.”

Transportation — he went on in places where we have animals more than human ratio should try riding them as vehicles that will help cut down the load, traffic jams, & get the free animals busy.

Agriculture — people kill pests naturally with their manual hand power. They, in turn, can use it as organic fertilizers. In short, you save money on pesticides, fertilizers & anger management classes.

Manufacturing — The population necessitates lead to never-ending manufacturing. Nature has all answers; let me give you some instances like you are used to toilet roll, the industry instead of producing & emitting poisonous gasses & make an organic roll from falling leaves. Bottle cleaners, toilet cleaner brushes & back scrubbing brushes can be from bottle gourd vegetables, cactus plants or twigs. Recycling things in a versatile way; the most popular products Sex toys, condoms can be made from balloons, cucumbers takeover vibrators and Barbie dolls favoring masturbating.

Buildings — Corona may have been ill-fated, but it has left a raw idea to companies work from home where numerous buildings stand vacated. We should take a pledge on no new building to construct. Should charter out the empty building; When we find ourselves in yet another precarious situation where we tampered to build. The sharing system imposed were two companies to operate under the same roof; two people share the same table, and two people using a washroom to cushion the unnecessary queue.

Electric Generation — Everybody needs to join hands not to ring a rose rhyme, but with an affidavit to burn less electricity in the house. Limit your intake of electricity. Make use of newspaper, mags & CD covers to fan yourself in candlelight when sunlight refuses to be a glowing bulb.

4th Heart Attack

We don’t have data on women & girls.

Suddenly, Bill Gates realized that he had never taken the time to collect data on women. Gravely! Then for so many years, they have been working with an elevation of men and boys.

When Bill Gates interrogated, he said it is difficult to differentiate between girls & boys. As they are equally competent or won’t be wrong in saying far more intelligent, trustworthy & dedicated, they surging as sumo wrestlers, boxers & hunters.

The men are straining to discover their world, babysitting, knitting & thinking about the sudden wave of superpowers endowed women; by harnessing their bra & panty to investigate if they get installed.

5th Heart Attack

Teenagers teach Bill anger management.

Bill Gates came into contact with juvenile criminals to understand their livelihood. 99.9% quoted him the wrong company of people made them lead this way. Bill Gates opened his heart by being emotional in saying I had the wrong company of people, but their tricks helped me not to be hitched & become the richest man on the earth.

6th Heart Attack

Confusion regarding nationalism.

Nationalism is a word we’ve been picking up a lot more often these days. It is also one of the busiest words in 21st-century politics. However, it means different things for different people. Bill Gates clarify, but precisely, it should point to everybody. You may remember whenever the White House threatened to make severe cuts to the foreign aid budget, the loudest voices of dissent said it’s vital for protecting American interests.

If aided, slavery remains intact, the superiority complex persists, and these countries will remain our dumping ground without protest.

7th Heart Attack

The restroom needs a makeover.

Bill Gates speaks of his gastric irregularity, which ended up spending hours in the toilet. It was at that point that he realized that the bathrooms needed to be changed. The vapors he emitted were deadly, like poison.

He quoted,” Last year we organized a toilet fair in Beijing, where I went to check out several next-Gen toilets in person and even shared the stage by recycling my soiled diaper to see the transparent results.”

8th Heart Attack

Textbooks are going obsolete.

Bill Gates echoed my declaration on school books, signifying ended. I started getting calls from rehab, nursing homes and mental institutions. I have scraped up this word from all books in my library, from the dictionary & if anybody says textbook, I have trained myself to hear Next Book.

Bill ends his letter by saying these days, I get questioned on whether still optimistic about the future. I respond: Absolutely, there is still so much to be damaged, conquered & counterfeited.

I thought I was playing the devil’s advocate.

Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton



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