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Happy Kwaanza — Ujima (Collective Work and Responsibility)

How the 3rd principle applies to everyday responsibility and working together.

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Happy Kwanzaa, Ujima (3rd principle/day 3 )

With Ujima, collective work and responsibility
everyone has a new opportunity to do better
it all starts with self wanting to change
take a stand in the community, one for all
and all for one, working as a team
each one teaches one and that one teaches another
each one reaches one and that one reaches another
building back America from Covid-19
restoring the devastation of Delta and Omicron
collectively the living can make a better tomorrow
doing the right thing, for self and others
we are the benefactors of the world
we should work every single day doing our part
at the end of the day, your rest will be peaceful
knowing that you worked collectively
making this world a better place for self and other
allowing love to drive every action took
and that love, God’s love
set the example for others to follow
peace, love, and happiness evolves
on a bigger scale and spread and spread.

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