Healing: Will Power

Hania Fatima
Writers’ Blokke
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1 min readSep 28, 2021

A poem unfolding the bouching back of starshine.

It is not easy to overcome any loss. As a human, we are sensitive by heart and never wanted to lose anybody temporarily or permanently. But, it's a law of nature. Nothing stays forever. Even our age. This poem is hope and light for those who need to rise and fly. Your will power is your cure.

-Haniya Fatima

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Thoughts were hailing down in my mind

I was struggling to find

a sun or a twinkle, though

neurons were shrinking

eyes were blinking

blood was sprinting.

Then, a sudden low pitched voice

commit to me a lifetime.

hang loose is the prime

earholes have their rhyme

change in life is in-grime.

And, neurons were jumping

heart was pumping

eyes were exciting.

Just instant though asked

who is the one that blew

is it sprawl or masked?

No, it's a peace-blue.

I am a cure, I am a power

I am you within you.

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Hania Fatima
Writers’ Blokke

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